Preventing Terrorist Attacks In America

Prevention is actually cheap and easy. I’ve believed this for sometime. One only has to look at many of the mistakes England made in regard to my birthplace, Northern Ireland. To sane people who don’t understand the motivations in a person for hatred, it might be hard to believe that being stopped by a soldier …

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Do You Feel Patriotic?

CSIS might want to know! Yes, that’s right. Canada’s intelligence agency apparently wonders what some feel. According to this Toronto Star article, Chester Richards who apparently came to Canada for a holiday to celebrate his father’s 70th birthday has been held in detention for the past 7 days, ever since arriving from the U.K. Among …

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Government Propaganda

Ever notice how often the Government is accused of “propaganda” by lefties and socialists when it comes to weird, wonderful and wacky conspiracy theorists regarding the Illuminati, Masons, and the Holy Grail? I guess it’s not just weird lefties that buy into some of these hilarious theories – the self proclaimed libertarian Art Bell specialized …

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