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Travels On Thassos Island - August 2020

In August, we traveled up to Thassos Island for a stay of 6 nights, and while there, visited some beaches, traveled to villages, did some hiking, and had a wonderful time.

This Greek Island is located in the Aegean Sea, off the coast of northern Greece. We sailed on the ferry from Keramoti which took about 30 minutes to reach the island.

Articles including photos relating to our "holiday" on the island are below. For the best viewing of the photos, a laptop at minimum is recommended. Small mobile devices just won't show the beauty of this island captured in the photos.

Marble Beach To Chrysi Ammoudia – A Road Less Traveled

By Ian Scott | October 5, 2020

While staying on the main roads will guarantee visitors to Greece will enjoy awesome sights and beautiful scenery, getting off the main roads can offer a little adventure mixed in. If you’re driving a Mazda 3 instead of a 4×4, it could be adventure you’re not really excited about. Thankfully, our little Mazda, with some […]

Marble Beach – Thasos Island – Is It Worth Visiting?

By Ian Scott | August 26, 2020

While driving from our rented cottage on Thassos, driving toward Potamia and the main port of Thassos, we would see signs marked “Marble Beach” and an arrow in its direction. Before we arrived on the island of Thasos, we knew that marble quarrying is actively continued – and has actually been going on for thousands […]

Coastal Views – Limenaria to Skala Potamia, Thasos Island

By Ian Scott | August 26, 2020

Thassos (also spelled Thasos and in Greek, Θάσος) is a beautiful Greek Island located in the north Aegean, and is located about 7 km south of the Greek mainland. You can drive around the island on the main coastal road, and if you don’t stop, drive the approximately 95km in under two hours. But two […]

Is It Worth Going To Atspas Beach?

By Ian Scott | August 24, 2020

Like most of the coast lines of Greece and its islands, Thasos has many beaches to choose from for visitors and tourists to this island. Some get great reviews online, and Atspas Beach is no exception to this. Located at the village of Skala Marion (Maries), the drive from Skala Potamia was scenic and beautiful. […]

A Walk To Potamia, Thassos Island

By Ian Scott | August 23, 2020

Earlier, I reviewed our accommodations on Thassos Island – Athos Bungalows – and wrote that I had really enjoyed the location – close enough to the beach, but up on the mountain slope where I could walk some trails. We had a marvelous view of Mount Ypsarion (Ipsario), the highest peak on Thassos Island at […]

Athos Bungalows & Restaurant – Skala Potamia, Thassos

By Ian Scott | August 23, 2020

Back in early July when we began planning a trip to one of the Greek islands, we did not really know where we wanted to go. We made a list of all the possible islands and then did some research in regard to accommodations, ferry costs, and what each island might offer that was unique. […]

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