February 2019

Website Speed Issues

For those of you still following “Ianism,” and those that might be interested (if you have a business website, you should be), we’ve published an in-depth article on website speed issues. We’re seeing so many “new” web development agencies come along that really have no clue about the importance of website speed, image sizes, correct […]

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Can You Freeze Wine Yeast? And For How Long?

Many years ago, I had a popular website and blog that focused on winemaking. Back then, there were probably half a dozen websites devoted to the hobby and art of winemaking including Jack Keller’s site (which sadly seems to be offline now). While not an expert at home winemaking (you’ll have to get in touch

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The Insanity Of Some Academic Activists

How insane can some activist academics be? Honestly, I fear for the future of my children (and grandchildren should I ever have any) with the way the world is going – and the fact there are so many so-called “educated” people who obviously have little education in reality. Today, we see this more and more

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Consensus Science = Unscientific

“John Christy and Roy Spencer are pro-fossil fuel and anti-scientific consensus.” ~Dana Nuccitelli I am “anti-scientific consensus” as well. In fact, blindly supporting a consensus IS anti-scientific. When scientists and science “journalists” attack others for suggesting contrarian ideas, and use names such as “denier,” they are actually acting as bullies. Sometimes the only way to

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Got Milk? Consume It! (Issues With Canada’s New Food Guide)

So the Government of Canada has produced a new “Food Guide” and shortly after it was released to the public, there were many journalists, dieticians, and food lovers discussing it. Personally, I think it is rather naive and just another sign of the “nanny state” attempting to influence our lives and in this case, our

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