October 2004

All We Need Is Just Another Law!

It’s amazing the logic of some folks, especially whoever wrote today’s editorial in the Star. First, the writer tries to draw some comparison between fleeing slaves on the Underground Railway to a train from Florida pulling into Toronto’s Union Station seeking “emancipation from astronomical prescription drug prices in the United States.” Then the writer talks …

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The Babblings Of Warren Kinsela

Now I’m curious. What in the world would start Warren Kinsella’s legal team off threatening folks with “defamation” law suit notices? He does babble an awful lot, don’t you think? Apparently both Shamrocks and Damian from Babbling Brooks have been “bullied” as one of them said, by the great Warren. Personally, I think Kinsella has …

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Our PM On Rights

“The fight against terrorism will only be won if the rights of individuals are respected” ~ Prime Minister Paul Martin According to The Star, that’s what Paul says. But the same article states Paul is heading off “to Budapest, Hungary, to attend the Progressive Governance Summit, a gathering of left-of-centre world leaders.” I wonder if …

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