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Ian Scott
The Ian Scott Group/KirIan
26 First Avenue
Orangeville, ON L9W 1H8
(519) 940-3504
ian @ ianscottgroup dot com

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  1. Stumbled on your blog while I was researching who this ‘Maria Wilson’ person was that sent me the same scam email as you – cheers for your blog! I knew it was some kind of scam when she emailed me! Hence why I googled her then stumbled on your blog. I just thought I’d let you know this ‘Maria Wilson’ person also has a fake twitter account I found with a photo that looks suspiciously like Anna Kournikova (the tennis player)… Thought you’d like to add it as an update to your blog!!/Marias088

  2. Hey Ian great blog and useful insight into penguin! I got blasted by the horrible critter! The only way google will ever see that they have made a mistake is if we vote with our mouse and leave for Bing.

    1. Thank you, Tobias. Hey.. you’re not the only one to get blasted – and if you have not been completely deindexed, there’s still hope that you can get back some of your rankings. I’ll have more on this shortly in another post.

      Another search engine to consider is duckduckgo ( – I’m finding very good and relevant results there. Sadly, the majority of people are going to continue to use Google for now, so we still need to find ways to adapt and figure things out! Good luck with your site!

  3. Hi;
    Was just scanning some internet sites when I came across your blog regarding Community Guardian. I was with Community Guardian in the early 70s. At that time, Tom Myers, was one of the big guys in charge. I worked on a number of projects including Regent Park, Jane and Finch, Falstaff, etc. Primarily, I was mobile patrol in the Whiskey One car which covered Thistletown, Mount Olive, Bergamot, etc. Two other guys were in mobile units on my shifts Whiskey two and three. Those CGs included John Bell and Barry Morrow. We worked well together. If one of us got what you would consider to be a “heavy” call, the other two were be there as well. I truly enjoyed my time with Community Guardian, It was a real teamwork set-up and when I left in 1975, I really missed the guys and the work along with many of the fine folks residing at the OHC projects at the time. Why did I leave? Well, I had often considered Radio Broadcasting as a career and finally took the plunge. I worked in Midland, Brantford, Ottawa and in Toronto at the former CKO national radio network. I also did gigs as a radio show host in Chicago and Los Angeles. But, even though, I did quite well in the radio business, I still fondly remember my days at Community Guardian and the guys I worked with.
    Thanks for bringing back the memories. Brian

    1. Thanks for your comment, Brian. I don’t recall your name, although I did not start with CG until about 1985. However, you may have known my father, one of the “originals” – John (Jack) Scott. He started with CG about 1970 when they first started operating and then left around 1980 or so, to work as a safety consultant with Firestone and then the Industrial Accident Prevention Association (IAPA).

      1. Hello;
        As per my previous comments, I started with Community Guardian in the middle of 1972 and left in late 1974 to pursue a job in Radio Broadcasting. The name Jack Scott does ring a bell recalling my days at Community Guardian. Most of my time with that company was in mobile patrol along with fellow colleagues, Barry Morrow and John Bell. We were assigned the OHC projects in the west end such as Fallstaff, Driftwood, John Garland Boulevard, etc. After leaving the job, I greatly missed the company and the guys I had worked with. As a note of interest, Tom Myers was one of my supervisors and the first radio station where I worked was CKPC Midland. Tom surprised me one day when he dropped into the station to say hi. He had a cottage in the area. In the radio business, you start out in a small market station before moving up to the bigger markets. FYI…I worked in Ottawa, Toronto and Chicago.

  4. Hi Ian,

    Billy here from York Regional Police. Just wondering who your dad was, and if he joined YRP after serving in Vaughan Township?

    1. Thanks for your comment and question, Billy – I appreciate the interest in my dad. I have written a short bio about him:

      He left Vaughan Township just before the big amalgamation and would end up with Community Guardian (community based policing philosophy) in the housing projects in Toronto. We kept in touch with quite a few of the YRP officers though, including from Vaughan, King, and Richmond Hill police forces that my dad knew and would often work with at times.

      There are likely more old Vaughan Township photos – but mostly on slides and my brother is trying to go through them and get them digitized… slides are a bit harder than prints.

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