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Almost everywhere you travel in Greece, you're going to find beautiful and stunning scenery, amazing beaches if you're into that, trails to hike, great food to eat, and friendly helpful people.

The Municipality of Lavreotiki is no exception. Although it's officially designated as being part of the Regional Unit Of East Attica, it encompasses the most southern region of Attica and includes Keratea, Lavrio (Laurium), Cape Sounion (where you'll find the Ancient Temple of Poseidon), Agios Konstantinos, and many other pleasant small villages scattered around the area.

I've been exploring the area for a year, but there is still much to do here, and discover. From amazing sunrises over the Islands of Kea and Makronisos, amazing full moons over the Temple of Poseidon, other Ancient places, great places to eat and sip ouzo and tsipouro, there is much to see and do. Here's a growing selection of ideas for you when you visit Greece, or if you are already in Greece, some reasons to head south of Athens and spend some hours, days, or even a few weeks. If you're like me, you might want to stay for some years!

Recent Articles

It was fantastic to discover a new mini-grocery store near me! Check out my review of Mr. George, a little but friendly grocery store in Panorama-Mikrolimanou.

Mr. George Grocery Store

January 6th is a big holiday in Greece – and considered by many to be the last day of the Christmas Season. Most businesses are closed on this day, the Day of Ephiphany or as some call it, “The Three Kings Day.”

Learn how the day is celebrated in Lavrio.

Throughout the warmer months from May to October, you would rarely see clouds in the sky. But come winter, the clouds can be a spectacular sight over the islands including Makronisos and Kea as photographed here.

Check out a marvelous view.

Important Information

Climate Of Lavreotiki
Learn what kind of weather to expect when you visit.

Getting To Lavreotiki
Travel here with your own car or public transport

Where To Stay
Learn about accomodations in the area

Places to Eat
Great places to eat including tavernas

Ancient Places To Visit
Lots of ancient history in Lavreotiki

Hiking & Walking
Get out of the car and walk for some great views!

Beaches Of Lavreotiki
The area has plenty of beaches but can be crowded!


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