June 2004

The Devil Made Me Do It

“The devil made me do it,” used to be a facetious mantra some years ago. Most people knew it was facetious, and few ever took it seriously, always aware of their own personal responsibility in the “do it” part. I have enormous sympathy for Holly Jones’ family. What happened to their daughter was terrible. Despicable. …

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Asif Is A Funny Guy

There’s a fellow named Asif Hossain who is apparently running for the Progressive Canadian Party in the ‘Trinity-Spadina’ riding in Toronto. I first came across Mr. Hossain while browsing Canada.com’s Speakout area, specifically this message in response to an article about the Tories leading over the Liberals. I was mildly interested in Asif, and did …

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Hmm. Maybe Harper “Gets” Some Of It

I’m a small business owner. Started my business from scratch (well, had and still have, a talented business partner who taught me tons of stuff), never took out a bank loan, and never, absolutely won’t, applied for, or received a government grant/loan. I guess to those lefties out there, I could be described as “pro …

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