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Her recent column is making the rounds of bloggers everywhere! What great fun. What great laughs and guffaws. Antonia Zerbisia ought to try her hand out on stage just like those other funny comedians that complain in comedic fashion about how others treat them.

This column really deserves to be in the Entertainment section of The Toronto Star.

There’s one disturbing paragraph though, wherein she suggests that her boxer boyfriend would probably pound out Daniel Medley at lobowalk.com for calling her a “dumb slut.” I wonder which part angers boxer boyfriend the most, the dumb or slut part? And what happens if Medley actually defends himself and tosses said boxer boyfriend into a local trash can?

But this also begs more questions. Does Zerbisia like men with anger problems that resort to pounding on people? How does she know the probability of him carrying out this pounding?

Zerbisia claims Bob at Let It Bleed called her a “Peroxide Wonder.”

Awwwww… poor Antonia. It’s obvious Bob is wrong. Antonia appears to be a real dumb blonde.

Amazing what the Star prints these days, isn’t it?

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