Month: October 2017

Greek Oregano – Not Your Bulk Barn Stuff

While in Greece, I discovered the ubiquitous olive oils and oregano to be far superior to what I have had in Canada. The difference is actually astounding. Olive oil we’ll leave for another post, but for now, let me tell you about the oregano: It’s just…. amazing! It’s believed that oregano was first used by …

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Terrible Non-Christian

Terrible islamist background, Zorastrian, and just plain bad dude. You just know anyone with the name ” Farrokh Bulsara” is likely to be.. you know.. a bad guy. Under Pressure. And the hordes.. clapping.. cheering.. wanting more. Disgusting. Evil. Gosh, the way the make use of certain demonic keys in music. Totally Un-Christian. Bad. Muslim …

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