Saints Taxiarches (Άγιοι Ταξιάρχε) Church, Exarchos, Greece

Sometimes Google translate does not get things right at all. When I tried to translate the Greek word “Ταξιάρχε” with Google Translate, Google told me it meant “Taxi Drivers.” In fact, the term – Taxiarches – in English/Latin letters refers in Greek Orthodoxy to one or both of the archangels – Michael and/or Gabriel. In …

Saints Taxiarches (Άγιοι Ταξιάρχε) Church, Exarchos, Greece Read More »

Packages To “Small Town,” Greece

Getting packages to Exarchos, Greece is not the easiest thing in the world…. recently, I had occasion to order some photographic lens filters from the United Kingdom. A seller on Ebay had two filters that I wanted for my Nikon D7000 camera, while another seller in Poland had a battery charger for the same camera, …

Packages To “Small Town,” Greece Read More »

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