Highway Cowboys

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So, I’m driving back from Toronto yesterday, and there’s quite a bit of traffic with it being the long weekend and all. As promised, the police seemed to be out in full force, especially around Hwy 7 and Hwy 50 area. Going west towards #7, a dark unmarked cruiser and a white Peel Regional Police cruiser had someone pulled over.

I continued on, and started heading north on 50, and up past some other police officers standing off to the side of the highway doing radar.

I have no idea how many miles I’d driven, when all of a sudden I see the same white and dark cruiser I had seen earlier, speeding up hwy 50, and past me. I wonder how they managed to get through the radar trap…. Well, we all know being a cop is a ticket to speed as fast as you want.

But what’s even worse is this. There was quite a bit of traffic on #50. Everyone was doing about 85 Km/Hour. There were cars in both the passing and driving lanes. I watched as one cruiser passed me, and then pulled right up on the rear end of a car in the passing lane. Can you say tailgating? The cruiser didn’t have it’s emergency lights on (not at this point anyhow).

Now, the car that the cruiser was dangerously tailgating wasn’t going any faster than all the other traffic. And if anyone was being a danger on the road, it was the driver of the police cruiser doing the tailgating. The cruiser was right on this guy’s butt. I mean, they were so close together that if the car in front had a tow hitch, he could have been pulling the cruiser.

So this continues on for a bit. Next thing, the cruiser’s flashing lights turn on. The guy being tailgaited tries to get into the right lane. Everyone in the right lane hit the brakes and slow down. The tailgated car finally makes it over, with the cruiser following him into the other lane. More slamming on of brakes.

So now the driver of the tailgated car knows he’s got to pull over to the shoulder, and does so immediately and comes to a full stop. The cruiser pulls in behind him, but instead of pulling right off to the shoulder as well, half the width of the cruiser is sitting in the right lane when he comes to a full stop.

This is on a major busy highway. There are at least a dozen cars behind all of this, I was about the 6th car behind, and now while we’re slowing down, we all have to see if we can merge with traffic into the passing lane at the same time. One car in front of me nearly sideswipes a car in the passing lane as he swerves to avoid the stopped cruiser.

I have no idea offence took place that the driver of the car that was pulled over, committed. But I do know this: Whatever it was, that cop was far more of a danger on the road to everyone else in the vicinity than the guy being pulled over was. The cop ought to have been charged with Dangerous Driving. The tailgating alone was extremely dangerous.

We need to get some of these cowboys off our highways.

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