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I like to write sometimes. Sometimes, my writing is crap – sometimes it is apparently poetic, and sometimes it gets picked up and re-published. I make no comment on the quality other than I have moments where I just love to write and have no clue before I start how it will end up – most of it I personally wish I had done better with. But some have said that the odd one or two was something they enjoyed.

So in no particular order:

To My Son David Hugh Scott: Written July 12, 2013 after a few wonderful days with my almost ten year old son.

The Passionate Non-Poet To His Love – I wrote this back in about 1999 – it just kind of flowed. Maybe someday, someone will really like it 🙂

Degassing Wine – I enjoy the hobby of home winemaking. I’ve written several articles on the subject – and this particular one was picked up and published by the Journal of the American Wine Society. The article was published in their print edition. The link is to a PDF file of the publication it was printed in.

Soul Mate – written about 1997, with some special memories in mind, along with some special thoughts and meanings. Sometimes, souls touch each other for reasons we do not know why at the time.

Speed River – written about 1998, while sitting beside the Speed River near Cambridge, Ontario.

Beware The Siren’s Song – written October 28th, 2011 with a sort of “Mumford & Sons” kind of feeling.

You Freak – written October 29th, 2011.

Untitled, Unfinished – Was distracted after beginning to write, October 28th, 2011. Maybe I’ll return to it someday, edit and add to it.

Silly Make Work Poem – The description says it all. Written about 2000, I think.

Thing 1 And Thing 2 (With apologies to Dr. Seuss, written March 20th, 2009).

Dark Hour Another 1997 poem.

Don’t Lose Your Marbles – A short article that appeared in the Spring 2011 print edition of the Journal of the American Wine Society (Link goes to PDF version of the issue).

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