Ian Scott

Dalton McGuinty Meets A Libertarian Fisherman

Dalton McGuinty, novice fisherman was lost. Maneuvering his Jon Boat close to another fisherman’s boat he shouted, “Excuse me sir, I promised my wife that I would be home on time and I’m afraid I don’t know where I am. Can you help me?” The other fisherman replied, “Sure, You are on a lake. You’re …

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Canadian Cops – Servants Or Masters?

“To Serve And Protect” goes the mantra of many a Canadian Police Force. It’s likely true to suggest that it was Sir Robert Peel, the founding father of modern policing, that inspired this mantra. Peel set down nine principles upon which he believed policing should be based on. One of those principles, which seems to …

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Response – Freedom, Canadian Style

I just received a response from MP Calder’s Executive Assistant McGuire on this matter. Credit needs to be given when it is due. Mr. Calder has written a strong caution to the Minister of Citizenship & Immigration regarding this case. A copy of this letter was attached to Mr. McGuire’s response: **************************************************** February 9, 2003 …

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Freedom, Canadian Style

A Letter to MP Murray Calder: Dear Mr. Calder, Once again, I find that I need to bring Government bureaucratic ineptitude to your attention. I am appalled in the manner in which Citizenship and Immigration operates. Canadians pride themselves on multiculturalism and freedom of the individual. Most Canadians welcome hard working immigrants that will benefit …

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