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So, we’re supposed to be having an election soon. You know… that event where we all get to go out and cast ballots, and when some minority of the population get to choose who will govern them for the next four years or so, and who will force their values on the majority that won’t have their choice of government.

Now, I kind of like Bono, that Irish crooner of sorts. And I’d bet that there’s quite a few people who will be voting in this election that also like Bono. A lot of them probably like Bono even more than they like Paul Martin. But at least I know what it is I like about Bono: Some of his music.

I wonder how many of that minority that will be casting ballots that will end up deciding our government understand the difference between liking Bono’s music, and liking Bono?

Bono should really stick to music and stop trying to be an economist. According to this article in the Toronto Star, Bono is quoted as saying:

“We have to compliment the prime minister and his team. It’s not just the easy money before an election. … there’s some cleverness going into this money.”

Yeah.. clever money. That’s it. It’s spring time in Canada, and the money trees are getting leaves on them. Soon, they’ll be bearing those clever thousand dollar bills, too.

Looks like Paul and Bono are becoming even better buddies and share an interest in the AIDS problem in Africa. I wonder what it will take to get Paul’s attention away from Bono and redirect it the health care crisis in Canada? Does Paul sit up late in his study, listening to Bono, and wonders what he can do next to have more of Bono’s attention, love and admiration?

Perhaps Bono could donate more of his own money to his private charity causes instead of trying to convince Paul to steal mine. I’ve got enough causes of my own to whom I’d like my money to go.

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