My Women Mega-Weapon

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What day is this? Ah, Wednesday. I’ve got two days to get a bunch of stuff done, find the carpenter to fix stuff up that was supposed to be fixed months ago, write some docs, go shopping, and of course, get into shape before I head off for a week vacation.

Think two days of doing pushups and walking and stuff will be enough to feel comfortable laying on a beach and impressing whatever women are around? Hmm. Probably not, huh?

Guess I’ll just have to rely on my mega-weapon. Every man ought to have a mega-weapon like I have. I’ve got the best woman attracting mega-weapon around. They all want to check it out. Never fails me. And it’s like the Energizer Bunny. Never stops. Goes and goes and goes. And for it’s age, my mega-weapon is pretty big. Women like it. A lot. They go out of their way to check it out. I’m seriously not trying to brag here, but I’ve got the best mega-weapon going. Women rub it, tickle it, kiss it, and spend lots of time playing with it. And boy, does my mega-weapon ever respond! I even get to watch while they play with it..

And my mega-weapon has a name too. It’s David. And David is two years old, blonde, blue eyes, has an awesome smile and giggle, and can often be found singing himself to sleep while his Daddy snuggles him.

David is much more effective than hours of work outs everyday. And we’ll be away for a week or so. Picking up chicks and exploring the world. So blogging will be non-existent for a while. There are more important things in this world!

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