Another Brick In The Wall

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Ah, Pink Floyd. Good stuff.

Palestinians hate walls. And Europeans hate walls. Right? Europeans hate Israeli walls. At least so far as UN votes go. So walls are bad, right?

Nah. They’re only bad when Israel is building them to protect citizens from suicide bombers killing innocent people.

But.. they’re darned OK, baby! Darned OK to prevent migrants from travelling.

So, let’s get this right. It’s NOT ok to build a wall to protect life.

But, it is OK to build a wall to prevent migrants travelling.

Yup. Time for me to stop having children. I cannot bear to think of the ludicrousy my grandchildren will have to face in future decades. Walls to prevent death are bad. Walls to prevent travel are good.

What a f**cked up world this is.

Hat tip to Everybody Knows…

3 thoughts on “Another Brick In The Wall”

  1. Hmmmm… at times like this, I despise the word “socialist.” I’m pretty social myself, as you know. And my brand of being ‘social’ does not include building walls.

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