My Awesome Youngest Son – David Hugh Scott

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Hopefully, he doesn’t read my blog anymore…. 😀

But this is him:

david holding third place trophy - karate tournament

That’s my son David Hugh Scott, and he’ll be 17 in August. I actually have 4 sons, and they are all awesome – the older three range in age from 30 to 26 so David really is the baby. He’s been involved in karate since he was about 7 years old, and it has been an activity that right from the start, he has devoted himself to learning. I can recall many a trip with David to some place or other, and he’d be working on his Katas, trying to perfect them – over and over again. And all the other moves – kicks, blocks, punches, and more. He also has quite a few years of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu training as well. He’s a big strong lad for his age with a lot of power in his legs and hips!

And… he’s handsome too 🙂 If I may say so.

Last weekend, we went to an annual karate tournament – he has not participated in the tournaments for a few years due to a variety of reasons. I was really pleased and proud when he asked me if I would take him there. It was my first time attending one – again for reasons I won’t mention right now, but maybe someday he’ll figure out.

I do recall his first karate tournament, but not as a spectator, rather as the parent that found out too late that he was even attending one, and was unable to go. But he was pretty proud to share the photos of when he won the first prize trophy in both his kata and in a weapons competition. The smile on his face was huge in those photos!

David does not like to be in a tight schedule, and with the fact that the registration was either Friday evening or too early Saturday morning, he really wanted to leave Orangeville and head to the tournament venue on Friday to get the registration out of the way. So we stayed the night there, even though it was only an hour drive. David took advantage of the fact some of the other students from his karate school were also in the neighborhood, and hung out with them that evening.

But Saturday morning came fast, and it was a rush to get everything ready, and be there on time, with breakfast in our bellies. We made it though, in good time.

The competition that David was involved in took place about mid-morning, and it was great to be there – and then to see the Judge’s scores. The first competitor was simply amazing, and it was going to be tough to beat that – and even the second competitor did a fantastic job. But… there is no shame that David took the third place trophy.

David’s Karate Devotion

As mentioned, he’s been at this for some years now, and has been very devoted to his learning and mastering martial arts. Of course, we play around a lot… when he was younger, my own knowledge of some Akido and ground fighting that I learned while training with Metropolitan Toronto Police Force (MTPD) did me in good stead. But as David has progressed, he’s far surpassed me! But I’m proud of him for that – and now, he has earned a 2nd Degree Black Belt. We still “joke around” but I’m under no illusions that I have many tricks up my sleeve that will throw David off guard.

David is not aggressive in any way (except with me, to “show off” as a son might do with his dad, and for which I’m happy), but is confident, skilled, and actually, a very gentle person. He’s one of those “deep thinkers” as well, while being knowledgeable about many things, also is willing to learn more; not like the many today who think they already know it all. Yeah, he’s a “Scott” indeed 🙂

So he’s been really devoted to this craft of Karate and Jiu-Jitsu and has done well… having earned his second degree black belt.

A Special Dad And Son Moment

I have a little book that I have written in many times over the years, almost like a diary of important events, or things that have been memorable to me, involving David since he was little. He does not know about it – unless he decides to read this and he’ll find out. I’ve got photos stuck in there, camping trip permits, and my memories of the times with him. Perhaps I should write this in that little book, but a special moment happened on the weekend – one that I missed out on with my older three sons.

David needed to shave. Badly.

He’s needed to get rid of some fuzz off his face for awhile, actually. When he turned 16 last August, part of my birthday gift to him was a shaving kit. I know he was not all that impressed with it, but that’s okay. Sometimes, when you’re a teenager, you realize the value of something later. Anyhow, since August, that peach fuzz on the face was starting to really intensify and I know a few people have mentioned it too him… so before we left for the karate tournament, I thought I’d pack the shaving kit I gave him – and nonchalantly mention that I had done so. And that, before the banquet on Saturday night, if he wanted, we could “explore” that.

I just left it at that.

After the tournament, we returned to our hotel to get ready for the banquet. We did not have a lot of time, and I ironed our shirts and trousers, made some suggestions about the clothes we should wear, ran into an issue with the iron that was in the room, and was starting to panic over time. But… in the middle of that, I got a:

“Okay Dad, are you going to teach me to shave now?” question.

If you’re a dad with sons, you probably understand. It’s like… “Yes! He still needs me, and he knows he does, and this is an opportunity to shine!” 😀

No matter how the timing was bad (based on the short time we had to get to the banquet), everything was dropped, and into the washroom we went… out came the shaving kit, lots of hot water on a facecloth… and time to teach the boy/man how to get rid of that overgrowth of peach fuzz so that he looks AWESOME at his banquet, along with his freshly pressed shirt and trousers.

We had ten minutes, and I made the best of it – although I wish we had a bit longer. Regardless, he looked clean, even if there were some spots missed, and overall, not a single cut (yes, I bought him a styptic pencil as well. Just like my dad did for me, in case of a little shaving cut when I first started shaving, and he taught me how to use it).

When we were done, as much as we could in the short time David had allotted for his first shaving lesson, on went some Nivea men’s aftershave skin cream and a little spray of Nomad cologne. A little spray – I made sure to tell him that it was not a good thing to overdo this – subtle is best.

My little boy that used to stick his boyish face out of the tent, and ask for videos and photos, is now becoming a man – although – his journey to manhood started when he was a little boy. As my father used to say:

“The boy is the father of the man.”

And I wish my “auld man” was still around to see David. They never even got to meet, sadly. They missed, by a couple of years.

David, you’re awesome and part of me hopes you don’t see this until some years from now… but.. take my advice: Keep your hands out of your pockets! 😀

I’m joking (half-wise), but you looked great, and it was so good to see you having fun last Saturday night. Thank you for the lessons you’ve given me, and big thanks to Johanes Karate for their way of training, like “a village.”

Love you, my son.

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