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Email Letter To My M.P., March 30, 2004:

Dear Mr. Calder,

I have read a media report that on March 29th, 2004, Liberal House Leader
Jacques Saada, apparently made a comment in the House of Commons that
compared the investigation into AdScam to a “witch hunt.”

Although I have never had any official response from you to any of my letters
regarding my disgust or where you stand on this rotten corrupt scandal, your
Executive Assistant did respond to me on February 16, 2004: “Murray is as
disgusted as you are with the recent situation as described in the Auditor
General’s report.”

I have brought to your attention other facts regarding the Liberal
Government’s corruption and have asked you directly what actions you will be
taking on behalf of your constituents. I have not heard from you nor have I
read anything in the local newspapers that would indicate what you plan to do
on behalf of your constituents with respect to this corruption.

I have also emailed you last week and pointed out that the Heritage Minister
Helene Scherrer appeared to be making attempts at downplaying this whole
affair and brushing it aside (Email Subject: “Overblown?” Date: March 22,
2004 Response From Your Office: No).

Will you please advise me whether or not you plan on protesting first, Ms
Scherrer’s remarks, and secondly, Saada’s comments, on behalf of your
constituents who believe that this is a problem of considerable proportions –
one which has shown that Liberals have been terrible and possibly criminal
managers of the public purse.

In fact, I am REQUESTING that you protest these remarks! You are elected to
represent your constituents, and I can assure you Mr. Calder that those
constituents that I have spoken with are disgusted at this mess and are
offended that Liberals would try to downplay it.

Regardless of your agreement or lack thereof, I wish to register my protest at
these comments, as one who has been victimized by your Government’s handling
of my hard earned money – money and labour which has become quite obvious
that many Liberals have no respect for.

I simply do not understand why Liberals are attempting to downplay the
scandal. Even in some responses from your own office, Mr. McGuire has made
comments that I find disturbing. This affair is despicable and no amount of
spin on it is going to change that.

I trust that if you truly are as disgusted as I am that we’ll be hearing that
you have protested Scherrer’s and Saada’s comments. To be quite frank with
you, many of you are using the term ‘Honorable’ and ‘Right Honorable’ in
title only. The comments and actions coming out of Ottawa continue to be
quite dishonorable. This is shameful.


Ian Scott
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UPDATE – I received a response from Calder’s Office this afternoon:

Dear Ian,

Murray has addressed this issue in an article sent to the local papers. That article is available on his website at the following location:

You chose to take my previous answers to you out of context in your letter to the papers. For that reason we are reluctant to engage in an e-mail debate with you. Nonetheless, we will continue to attempt to answer any questions you might have that are aimed at obtaining information rather than scoring debating points.

Based on the contents of your letters, it appears you are getting your information from the Toronto Sun. Might I suggest you read the Auditor General’s report itself? Although she is critical, many of her findings have been exaggerated in some of the pro-Alliance media. Her actual report can be read at the following location:


Richard McGuire, Executive Assistant
Office of Murray Calder, M.P.
(613) 995-7815, fax: (613) 992-9789
[email protected]

How do you like that? I’m thinking of posting the entire correspondence here, totally unedited, and let others decide if I have taken him “out of context.” Anyhow, here’s my reply to this last piece from Calder’s Office:

1. I have no desire to get into an ’email’ debate with you, either. Rather,
it is my desire that my tax money, my life, and my energies be respected by
our representatives in Ottawa.

2. Your comments have never been taken out of context, and I am more than
willing to post them publically along with your absurd assertion that they
are “out of context.” The context is quite plain and obvious. Perception
scales have nothing to do with reality, as I’m sure you know (I assume that
this is what you are referring to regarding my letter that appeared in a
local paper).

3. I very seldom read the Toronto Sun.

4. I am disgusted by Liberals that are attempting to downplay this scandal.

5. Thank you for providing me with the link to Murray’s press release. I
will peruse it shortly.

6. I most certainly have read the Auditor General’s report. I find much
disturbing news in that report. Waste, incompetence, disrespect for tax

7. This is not about scoring debating points, Mr. McGuire. This is about
respect for hard working Canadians’ money and the time they spend labouring
to produce goods and services. If there has been any debate, it is your
responses that have provoked it. I find both your insinuations that I took
comments out of context or that I’m trying to score debating points

I am looking for representation in Ottawa, not a debate with the Executive
Assistant of my Member of Parliament.

Will Mr. Calder protest the remarks by the Heritage Minister and the Liberal
House Leader? All that is required is a yes or no answer.

Thank you.

Ian Scott

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