More Torstar Socialism

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Sometimes, I think I should just give up blogging, and do my best to promote Bob over at Let It Bleed. He’s usually right on the money, says what I wish I could say, and does a heck of a better job.

Today, he’s got some great comments on Carol Goar from the Toronto Star. Take a peek here.

It must be really hard on Goar’s concience to collect a pay cheque from TorStar. I wonder if she’d feel much better if that cheque came from tax payers via some government or other. It’s bizarre really, to pick a publically held (as in corporate) company to use as your vehicle to rant against anything capitalist and even against charity by those who actually produce goods and services in this country.

Where in the world does she think tax money that funds government socialism comes from in the first place? Imagine how many more kids those terrible rich dudes could be helping if their taxes were a little less. Hmmm.. and more efficiently as well, I’d bet.

What exactly is the goal here, Carol? To at least help some, or make all victims of pathetic government systems?

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