Will They Find Margaret McWilliam’s Killer?

Back in the mid 1980’s, I knew Margaret McWilliam through my wife at the time. They had both gone to Kemptville Agricultural College at the same time and studied in the same program. After they graduated, and Angela moved back to the Toronto area, Margaret and Angela kept in touch.

Although I did not know Margaret well, I knew Angela was fond of her and enjoyed her friendship with Margaret. So it was a big shock when we learned that Margaret had been murdered in the Warden Woods area of Toronto. It hit Angela pretty hard at the time. Around the same time, Paul Bernardo was doing his evil things and had become known as the “Scarborough Rapist” but his identity at the time was not yet known. There was a lot of speculation that Margaret had become a victim of the “Scarborough Rapist,” but Bernardo was apparently ruled out as a suspect by the police.

Her murder in August of 1987 has remained a mystery to this day, almost 32 years later.

While doing some research on some other things that occurred in the Warden Woods area, I came across an article that had been published in 2016, about the case. Apparently, the police now have the DNA of the person responsible for the murder.

It seems though that they have no match yet. Thirty two years is a long time for a murder to go unsolved, and even if the police are ever to solve the case of who is responsible, the person has not faced justice for all these years, while the friends and family of Margaret have mourned her loss.

According to the South Bayview Bulldog (linked to, above), “Detective Sergeant Stacy Gallant leads the Homicide Cold Case section at (416) 808-7400.”

There is probably not much point at this time to appeal for any witnesses or persons that might have knowledge of the crime to come forward, but perhaps someone who knows something but has withheld the information will feel some remorse. Perhaps the killer, if he/she is still alive, will them self come forward and take responsibility for the evil that they have done.

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