Greta Promoters Are Idiots

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People who support Greta Thunberg and think of her as an inspiration are idiots. Look, I feel sorry for the girl, actually – what she is going through in her mind, must be horrible. Being taught the nonsense that she’s been taught, while those around her accept her “sense” that she can actually “see” CO2. This is a teenage child that actually needs help with some mental illness (it’s been admitted she’s been diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome), and not someone that ought to be put up on a stage as some kind of “light to mankind.”

Progressives ought to feel much guilt for what they are doing here, and claiming science consensus, and then using Greta to tug not at scientific inquiry, but instead at emotional heart strings. You actually ought to be very ashamed. This is a mentally ill teenager that claims some impossible abilities – and has obviously never read much science; but has mentally internalized fears of what she has been taught in her short life. It is shameful, even if you agree or “believe” that climate change is man made and can somehow be manipulated by your CO2 emissions. It is shameful of you to use this poor girl, who probably feels a lot of panic and distress because of what she has been taught.

What she has NOT been taught is a travesty. She’s been taught to “believe in science” and words like “concensus” which are code words for “do not think for yourself; a few people with power have agreed that this is all how should think.”

She sits there, in her modern clothes, using modern technology, and likely has zero clue that if it were not for her great-great-grandparents, embracing the revolution of the Industrial Revolution, she probably would not even exist.

I wonder how many of you have ever done any genealogy studies, and when doing so, imagined how your ancestors actually lived? For those of you who can imagine it, please provide another “path” in your mind, how they ought to have progressed, so that you could enjoy modern health benefits, mobile phones, computers, and every other luxury of life that you have. And when you consider luxury, please understand that even as far as the “modern” world, even just 35 years ago, in the United Kingdom, there were people without:

  • Electricity
  • Phones
  • On demand heating
  • CAlling mommy or daddy without a quarter in your pocket and finding a phone to drop it into
  • Not having to walk up the lane, to milk a goat
  • When famine happens in your area, food can still be trucked in from another, relatively inexpensively.
  • Going to a hospital during some acute medical issue, and give a second chance at life.

I would love for progressive millennials who claim to hate what their grandparents, great-grandparents, et al, ought to have done differently. What is the path, precisely, that they would have preferred their ancestors took? Your great great grandfather loved his wife, saw a couple of children die in birth; it was cold, there was no medicine available, and then, with the third child, the wife died but the child survived.

Pray tell you awoke millenials, what they should have done? How thought ought to have progressed so that you could have what you have today? In a different way than they did?

“Oh, when they realized that whale hunting was wrong, for energy, they should have built a windmill that wouldn’t actually work, for energy, instead of exploring the efficiencies of using hydrocarbons. That would have made sure Grandma lived and then I would too.”

What do you envision for health care, exactly? Do you want to give it up, because the fact you are alive likely is a result of what your great and great great grandparents did. The washing machines in your house: Look… I have seen for myself and can tell you that an “old fashioned” washboard DOES work really well. Are you going to go back to that yourself?

Your grandparents and your great-grandparents were guilty of the fact that they did NOT want their children to have to go through that; so pray tell… what should they have done differently? Ignore all advances, so you, if you were to even exist, be no different than than chimpanzees? What would you then do with YOUR brain?

Honestly… I would love it if Progressives and silly folk like Greta could come up with a plan that would have made them not so guilty, and yet at the same time, given them all they have, today. I’ve actually worked in fields… manual labour… that has helped others get fed. What’s your plan, for that, exactly?

For those that want to make a hero out of an Asperger girl, who has no clue about science, or the realities of life, and what exactly they themselves would not be willing to put aside… you are idiotic.

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