Where is Cheryl Rowe?

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When a tragedy strikes anywhere, most of us feel a sadness and some empathy. When it strikes close to home and to someone you know, it is even worse.

Where is Cheryl Rowe? I grew up with the Rowe family; they lived just down the road from me. I can recall playing with Randy, Mitch, Joey and Cheryl 0 sometimes, we even had childhood disputes, but we always got over them, and although we were not “best friends,” we were “good friends.”

Today, the Rowe family is hurting very much. Cheryl Rowe was last seen on December 21st, 2011 and her disappearance has been a mystery. York Regional police have now called in the Homicide Squad to investigate her disappearance.  Why they waited so long, no one really knows except them.

I spoke with Mitch last night for about two hours. First time I had talked to him in well over 25 years, but it was like we had just talked yesterday. As can be understood, there is angst, concern, dread for fearing the worse, as well as a love that brothers and sisters have for each other, no matter the circumstances.

And they are my friends, even if I have not seen them in years and years. So I am helping the Rowes by doing what I can to put the word out that something happened in Richmond Hill on December 21st and a family is looking for answers.

Someone knows where Cheryl is. Someone knows what happened to her.  There are people out there who likely have some kind of idea about Cheryl’s whereabouts.  Please come forward and at least think of her family.  And her friends.

Posted by Ian Scott

7 thoughts on “Where is Cheryl Rowe?”

  1. Brigitte L. Pedersen

    Ian, although I am no longer living in Canada, I learned of Cheryl’s disappearance via Facebook from my friend Michelle Rothwell’s page (whose husband has also been missing for almost two years now – he is the one who went walking with his dogs and never returned). Anyhow, I am writing because The Rowe’s were/are very close friends of the family. Cheryl’s mom Irene and my grandmother were friends for numerous decades before Irene passed. Cheryl and Irene used to take care of my daughter back in the very early 90’s and now I am just devastated to hear yet another tragedy the Rowe family is having to deal with. All of our thoughts and prayers are with the family. Please keep your post updated with the change of any events regarding this case – I would truly appreciate it. -Brigitte L. Pedersen

    1. Thanks for your comment, Brigitte. Yes, I just lived down the road from the Rowe’s and knew them well. It’s a very sad occurrence. I will do my best to post updates as they become available.

  2. I’ve been friends with Cheryl & her brothers for about 30 yrs now & have known her kids since they were growing inside Cheryl’s tummy. We’ve had our ups & downs over the years and I’ve witnessed the change in Cheryl 1st hand when she lived beneath me as well as with me. However, she started showing signs of becoming unraveled after losing both her parents but Cheryl wouldn’t hurt anyone ever… Especially on purpose! She wouldn’t do anything that would make someone want to hurt her. But someone definitely knows what happened & why. They will meet up with KARMA 1 day, COUNT ON IT!!!

  3. I knew Cheryl as an acquaintance. She and her (ex) boyfriend Phil were friends of a friend of mine. I honestly believe Cheryl who isn’t a bad person..but got caught up in some bad things, met her demise because of a drug debt or ripping off someone for drugs. This is just rumors ive heard but it seems sadly the most likely scenario. I’m not judging her, god knows I’ve battled my own demons..but when you get caught up in the world of addiction the people that come with it are sometimes the lowest of the low. The cops need to figure out who she may have owed money to and go after them. I hope to God, especially for her kids and family’s sake that they find the bastard who is responsible for her disappearance. Someday soon I hope they find her and the person responsible to at least give the family closure. My prayers and thoughts are with them.


      Because these are rumors and things youve heard i dont think you should be saying she ripped people off and owed people money if you werent even her friend and heard just rumors, we dont need rumors or bad talk here, we need anwsers from people who actually know something .Thanks for the support, but that wasnt needed to be said.

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