Leafs Lost – But It Was Entertaining

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Another one of the things I have a passion for is the Toronto Maple Leafs. I have spent over 40 years, being a fan of the team and have hoped to someday see a Stanley Cup. No idea if I will ever see that; for the past several seasons just hoping to see them make the play offs would have been a dream come true!

This season, there is a bit more reason to hope they will make the playoffs. Tonight, they did lose to the Winnipeg Jets (2-1), but it was an entertaining, fast game. And the Leafs had won their previous 3 games. Can’t expect them to win them all although it would be nice.

On another note, my son David was here today. He has now been assigned to the “SWAT” team – not sure exactly what that stands for in his Karate club, but it’s where one’s leadership abilities and skills are apparent and you’re asked to help out in classes that are below your belt levels – to give guidance, assistance and be a “helper” to the other students.

Not bad for a 9 year old that has only been in Karate for a year!

And while he was here today, he had earphones stuck into his head. He was repeating over and over what to me sounded like mumble jumble.  But it was not – he has decided to learn Japanese!

I am really proud of him!

Posted by: Ian Scott

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