Steakhouse “Christos” – Restaurant In Lavrio

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super burger and fries at steakhouse christos, lavrio

“I’ve had a few good hamburgers here in Greece, but mostly they have not been that great – the one I enjoyed here was perhaps the best so far in Greece!”

We had to make a run to Lavrio for more propane for our Provence gas heater and decided that we’d grab a bite to eat for dinner while there. We had planned to visit a Taverna called “The Port,” but it was disappointing to us to discover they were closed for some reason. What to do, except perhaps try a new place that we had not eaten at before? We were in the mood for a “mixed grill” and discovered some great reviews for this dish at a place called Steakhouse “Christos” (ψητοπωλείο “Ο ΧΡΗΣΤΟΣ“) that was on our way home.

When we arrived, we found the place to be about half-filled which included some families with children, and walked through the door into a very warm and cozy place – wonderful as it the weather outside was quite chilly with very powerful winds blowing. Not an evening we wanted to eat outdoors! This evening, they did not have any outdoor seating available anyway, but I think they may have a few available during the warmer months (but am not certain).

But after we sat down and my Greek speaking companion looked through the menu, another disappointment – they no longer served a “mixed grill.” Apparently the establishment has recently changed from being a mostly Souvlaki place to serving generally individual portions. But we thought we’d stay and pick out a salad and something else from the menu and check it out.

I do not know if they have an English menu available (some places do), so Kyriaki and I discussed the various salads we could choose from and went with Caesar Salad. Then she ordered for me a “Super Burger” as she described it, with Kebob for herself.

Caesar Salad In Greece

I’ve never had an actual genuine Caesar Salad in Greece, at least not as how one would expect normally back in North America. Here it seems anything with greens and cooked chicken is called a Caesar Salad. You may end up getting Romaine Lettuce, but you’re very likely to get other types of lettuce as well. In our Caesar at this place, I don’t think there was an Romaine, but instead it was an iceberg lettuce mixed with some other things, including also some very tasty wild arugula also known as rocket here.

The dressing was not a traditional Caesar dressing either but it was quite tasty, and the chicken was perfect while croutons added some crunch.

The Main Dishes

I ordered a Mamos beer, a Greek lager that I enjoy (.5 litre – 3 Euros in the restaurant), while Kyriaki opted for a soft drink this time – a rare occurrence.

Shortly after we finished the salad, which was more than enough for two people as an appetizer, our main meal was brought to the table. I was quite impressed with the size of the hamburger, and with the sauces, mayo, and mustard, I knew it might be a messy affair. Indeed it was, but it was absolutely delicious! It was so big though, I barely finished it all (although maybe 15 to 20 years ago, would have had no problem finishing it), and the “Fried potatoes” as they call what those in the UK might call “chips” or in North America, “French Fries,” was barely touched.

I had to go through several napkins to clean my hands of the sauces and burger juiciness that leaked out from between the bun.

I’ve had a few good hamburgers here in Greece, but mostly they have not been that great – the one I enjoyed here was perhaps the best so far in Greece!

I had a taste of the kebob as well – perfectly cooked and again very tasty and Kyriaki said she would definitely have it again.

As we were thinking of leaving soon, the server brought us over a small glass each of Mastika (a Greek liqueur) and a “sweet” which was delicious, although I had a hard time eating it after the big burger I had consumed. The Mastika was very nice added touch, and this was provided to as no additional cost.

Final Comments

While we were disappointed at first that The Port was not open, and then a second time that Steakhouse “Christos” did not have the “Mixed Grill” on the menu any longer, we ended up being delighted with the food we had, the courteous, friendly, and perfect service, and the added liqueur with a small “dessert” after the meal.

Compared some similar places in Greece, the cost of the meal was fair. Our total bill came to about 33.00 Euros.

We left a small tip as is customary here. Receiving tips in Greece is accepted by hospitality workers, but is never expected as it is on other parts of the world. In addition, it is only expected to leave whatever amount works out to between the price of the meal and whatever next denomination of currency you have, or whatever small change you may have in your pocket if paying by debit or credit card. You are seldom asked on the debit machine to add a tip when paying this method.

I personally found this a bit difficult on my first few visits to Greece; my dining companions would glare at me if I considered leaving a 15 or even 10% tip. I still find it a bit awkward after many years of being expected to leave at least 15% back in North America.

Steakhouse “Christos” ((ψητοπωλείο “Ο ΧΡΗΣΤΟΣ“) Details

Leof. Sounion (Sounion Ave.) 6
Lavrio, Attica, 195 00

Telephone: +30 2292 025283 (I’m not sure if in busier times of the year you might need to make reservations but probably not).


Google Business Listing:

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