The Port – Small Plates Seafood Restaurant, Lavrio

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bowl of steamed mussels

The Wine And Garlic Steamed Mussels are truly to die for! And if you end up at The Port (Το Λιμανι), a “small plates” seafood restaurant in Lavrio, you’ll definitely want to order these tasty mussels. The problem is, there are also so many other yummy things on their menu, you might be tempted to order too much food here.

The evening of Valentine’s Day was our third time dining at this popular seafood restaurant, which as you might imagine by its name, is located right down near the port in Lavrio. In warm months, when outdoor seating is available, you can sit back and relax with awesome food and ouzo or tsipouro and look at the scenes of the port including the small yachts moored across the road.

In the cooler winter months, the space becomes enclosed with gas heating for the comfort of their patrons.

Our first time eating here was in the summer time, and we did have to wait a bit for a table. It was worth the wait. But our eyes were bigger than our bellies as we couldn’t help ourselves from ordering so many things from their menu. It was all very good, but we ended up packing up food to bring home with us.

There were several dishes that made a big impression: The Wine and Garlic Steamed Mussels (Μύδια αχνιστά με σκόρδο και κρασί), Seasonal Greens With Boiled Vegetables Salad (Ποικιλία βραστών λαχανικών), and the perfectly cooked Calamari. But everything was delicious and in good-sized portions.

What Is A “Small Plates” Restaurant?

In Greece, a “small-plates” restaurant is one in which you might go to and dine with a companion (or several) and order different dishes; each coming on it’s own plate and the table of diners enjoying portions from each. You may even order more plates of food as your dining continues, if you’re hungry. It’s quite a bit different than a typical North American restaurant where each person orders from a menu, and receives their own meal.

On our most recent visit, and while tempted to order quite a few of the small plate dishes, but recalling how satisfying the portion sizes are, we limited our choices to a salad with wild arugula, appetizers of fried potatoes (or French fries as North Americans call it), a crab salad (Καβουροσαλάτα) we had not tried before, and of course, we definitely wanted the steamed mussels. In addition, we had the calamari and a plate of Marida (Μαρίδα – Spicara smaris) – a small fish that is coated with flour and fried. With all the seafood, cut lemons are provided so that diners may squeeze fresh lemon juice to taste on the various dishes, which really adds to both the Marida and Calamari.

We were almost tempted to order a second round of the steamed mussels but by the time we finished everything we had ordered, we were quite satisfied and did not need to eat anymore.

Along with our meal, we had Tsipouro, a Greek spirit that is distilled from grape pomace and very popular in the country. Generally, Tsipouro is not aged, (although it can be and is then called πεπαλαιωμένο). The more common un-aged version is a clear spirit and is commonly available either brand bottled or in bulk (plastic bottled).

Everything was perfect. The salad with arugula had very fresh ingredients and included cherry tomato and slices of Parmesan cheese. Fried Calamari is a seafood dish that if not cooked perfectly, can be a big disappointment, but when done right, is amazing. Well, it’s always been amazing each time we’ve enjoyed this at The Port. Our plate of Marida was quite large and helped to fill us up, after a good sprinkle of fresh squeeze lemon.

The Atmosphere

In summer months, this restaurant can be very busy and the outdoor seating is filled up, although as mentioned, it’s worth the wait. In the winter, the space becomes enclosed and heated, but with not as much of a view of the port area. It’s a typical atmosphere of many Greek dining establishments and it’s the food and staff that really make it what it is.

We have never been disappointed (other than the time we found it closed) by the food or the service. The staff are always very friendly, cheerful, and helpful. We have always had an English speaking server, and provided with English menus. Our servers are attentive but not over-bearing.

Generally, the establishment is open until midnight, but this can change in the winter months depending on how busy they are. If they are not busy, they will close much earlier. But during the tourist season, their hours are consistently from noon to 11PM, 7 days a week.

Photos Of The Plates We Enjoyed:

After the photos, you’ll see what we paid, and the details (location, etc) of The Port.

garlic and wine steamed mussels
Wine And Garlic Steamed Mussels
fresh salad with arugula
Fresh Salad
fried calamari
Fried Calamari
A Plate of fried Marida Fish
A Plate of Fried Marida Fish

Not shown are the fried potatoes or crab salad.

For all of this, including a 200ml bottle of Gatsios (ΓΑΤΣΙΟΣ) Tsipouro, and a freely provided small plate of halva with a glass of Mastica each, we paid 62.40 Euros and with the tip a total of 65.00.

Really, it’s a very good value compared to many other Greek seafood restaurants. We always come away satisfied and enjoying our time, which includes the friendly cheerful staff. If you make it to Lavrio, this is a must-place to eat at.

The Port (ΤΟ ΛΙΜΑΝΙ) Details

Kountourioti 8,
Lavrio 195 00, Greece

TEL: 2292069311 (You can make reservations – they will accept a reservation and keep a table for you).


Google Business Listing:

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