On The Meaning Of Life And BlogFests

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I don’t know what the meaning of life is. Do you? If so, and I’m convinced, maybe I’ll throw some bucks your way.

In the meantime, I’ve committed to keeping a list here of folks who are either committed or semi-committed to the upcoming Toronto Blogfest, to be held on November 5th, here.

I just got back from a fantastic weekend in Ottawa.. more on that later.. but in the meantime, here’s who will be at Toronto Blogfest in November. “Up For Drinks” Bob is responsible for the final decision on the venue:

Bob Tarantino
David Janes
Kathy Shaidle
Rick McGinnis
Harry Ross
Jay Jardine (Yeah!!! Gotta meet Jay!!)
Damian Brooks (Yeah!!! He’s buying me a pint! Or was that two pints??)

More to be added as names come available.

Possibilities include:

The London Fog editors

I’ll update this as more details become know.


Toronto Blogfest

3 thoughts on “On The Meaning Of Life And BlogFests”

  1. Ahem. I told you I wanted to raise a pint with you, Ian. That would be awfully hard to do if I wasn’t planning on attending. 😉 Count me in.

  2. You’ve been added to the list 🙂 Looking forward to the pints.. did you know that I spent a long part of my growing up as a child in Richmond Hill? Sure has grown since then!

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