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I’ve been in touch with “Always Up For Drinks” Bob Tarantino about a Toronto blogfest. We both seem to think November 5, 2004 would be a good date. So, mark that on your calendar, with more information to follow regarding place and time.

I missed the last one, in February so I’m looking forward to this one. Chris Taylor, will you be there?? Love to continue our discussions and in person would be fun too! Over a fine glass of something or other. Which reminds me, I need to add Chris to my blogroll. Give me a minute or three, Chris and it will be there.

11 thoughts on “Toronto Blogfest”

  1. Hey Damian… we’re just working on the “where” part now. I’ll be away for the weekend, so likely Monday or Tuesday we’ll have where worked out. We figured we’d get the date finalized first. Thanks! Good to raise a few pints!

  2. Yeah, it is really hard to talk to lots of people when you’re basically stuck in your seat all night. There were about 20 there for Damian Penny Comes To Toronto night just to give everyone an idea of size. Venue? I’m old and boring and don’t get out much. Will leave that in the capable hands of extroverts.

  3. Sounds good to me – thanks for the advance notice. And I second Kathy’s motion – I didn’t get a chance to talk to Nicholas Packwood or almost anyone else on the other end of that table at the Drake. You’d think that, given the political tendencies of the bloggers in question, we’d get a Legion hall or a church basement or something. Anybody know any Freemasons?

  4. Wasat the last one. May I suggest that some simple type of wearable ID would be nice to avoid the mass confusion of last time. Also booking the joint may be useful.

  5. The _Rivoli_ on Friday night? You guys don’t get out much, eh? There’s a great pool place, wide open spaces in College Street, just west of Bathurst. My poor brain can’t remember the name of it right now but it’ll come to me.

  6. “The _Rivoli_ on Friday night? You guys don’t get out much, eh?” Touche. Well, I was just there on Friday with a largish group, and we seemed to do okay. I mean, we want something with a *some* life to it, don’t we? I could recommend some places in Etobicoke that’ll offer all kinds of acreage, but I figured we’d at least *pretend* to be awesome.

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