McClarty The Diddler

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You know, with all Paddy McClarty’s words about paraphrasing and such, I just realized something. Do you know that he might be a diddler of little girls?

I kid you not! You see, McClarty seems to have some prevelance for changing meanings and paraphrasing what folks say, so perhaps we’ll take a look at what he has to say, and do our own little paraphrasing while also asserting dictionary meanings of words.

Take a look at this statement by McClarty:

” I know 4 year old Japanese girls with more maturity..”

Now, let’s check out what our dictionary says about the meaning of “know.” Ahhh.. we have a definition we’ll apply to McClarty, so we can “destroy” him! Yes…


5. To have sexual intercourse with.
[1913 Webster]

So let’s “paraphrase” McClarty’s own words, and now we can say that he has had sexual intercourse with four year old Japanese girls, that in his opinion are “more mature.”

McClarty seems to have this sense that he can “paraphrase” and suggest meanings that are hidden or something’ isn’t that suspicious enough to wonder about his own hidden meanings and use of words?

If it saves one.. just one.. 4 year old Japanese girl, isn’t it worth it to have McClarty’s possible double meanings investigated and exposed for what they might be?

From McClarty’s perspective of putting whatever meanings you want on someone’s words, and paraphrasing, I think this is good enough justification to get in touch with the Vancouver Children’s Aid Society, let them know about McClarty’s issues with word meanings, and provide them with suspiciouns that when he says he has “known” 4 year old Japanese girls, he means, according to the dictionary definition, he’s had sex with them.

I mean, it’s all about interpretation and personal judgement, right? Right, McClarty? And paraphrasing as well, right?

I figure if Patrick McClarty’s paraphrases are justifiable, then my paraphrasing of what he has written are equally justifiable (notwithstanding the fact it is ‘insane thinking’, but in this case, we’re not worrying about rationality. We’re simply adopting McClarty’s style). So, I’ll likely send a letter to the Vancouver CAS, with my paraphrase of what McClarty wrote and admitted to with respect to his “knowing” 4 year old Japanese girls.

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