Destroy Me??

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There is this Internet Chat acronym – ROTFLMAO – which stands for, “Rolling on the floor, laughing my ass off,” and is something you might type when you find something very funny.

Well, I just found something very funny, so yes, I am ROTFLMAO.

Check this out:

” I destroyed Ian on his own site.”

~ Patrick “The Liar” McClarty

Damn, I’ve been destroyed!! At least according to McClarty. Well, this is a cool way to be “destroyed,” with good friends around, giggling at McClarty’s insane assertions and attempts to justify his lies, claiming they are “paraphrases” of what I wrote.

If you’re interested, here’s where he thinks he “destroyed” me. Check it out, if you care, and check out his justifications for not quoting exactly what I say.. that bit about “paraphrasing.” And here I thought all along that there was some benefit to engaging McClarty in the first place – while he goes on about “destroying” me.

Well, he hasn’t “destroyed” me at all, and I have no desire to “destroy” him, either. In fact, I could care less about the guy – my interest is in his words and ideas as they apply to me specifically. It’s funny, to me, that he wants to claim he “destroyed” me, while all the time, my little David is still coming up and sitting on my knee, and we play all sorts of games that motivate us both to laugh; I’m planning some fishing trips with my 14 year old Colin, I’m carrying on with my contractual agreements with those I have contracted with, and McClarty claims he has “destroyed” me.

By paraphrasing and changing meanings of what I have written, no less. McClarty, go fuck yourself. You probably need to get laid. I needed to get laid myself, so I did this past weekend. And the sexy woman that I got laid with happens to also be an Irish Roman Catholic. We kinda like each other even though we have different views about stuff. I’ll be seeing her again very soon, and likely, I’ll be teasing her about some RC doctrines I find weird, while she teases me about.. umm.. all sorts of things, and we’ll laugh, giggle, drink some Bushmills, and get laid again.

McClarty, maybe you’ll want to let her know .. as well as my ex-wife.. and all my other friends, about your diagnosis of me of having a “propensity for violence.” I’m sure they’d love to know what you think. It will make for great comedy while we are enjoying the pleasure of lips. McClarty, ever kissed someone for hours, just for the sake of kissing? It’s awesome!

Carry on, McClarty – I’m thinking about using your ideas as examples for just about every logical fallacy there is, in a book I want to write on logic. Your examples are priceless! Naturally, “LYING” will be one of the very first fallacies.

In this regard, I really appreciate your continued blogging about me, and commenting here. I have to admit though, I was discussing you and your comments specifically with a friend of mine this evening, and he said, ” Ian, you attract kooks like a magnet! do they come looking for you or do you gio looking for them?”

I have to admit I do think it’s hillarious that you would assert on your blog that you’ve “destroyed” me, McClarty. I’m still here!

Thanks for the giggles tonight!

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