Lanark – Heroes Fight For Freedom

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Lanark, Scotland and Lanark County in Ontario, Canada have a lot in common. The people of both locations would probably identify quite well with Steve Earle’s song, Copperhead Road. Probably, there is no Copperhead Road in either of Lanark, Scotland or Lanark County, Ontario.

But both areas have had individuals and people that have demanded their freedom. In fact, Lanark, Scotland was the location of the first ‘Scots Parliament’ in the year 978. Apparently, William ‘Braveheart’ Wallace lived in Lanark. Freedom was Wallace’s goal.

Freedom is the goal of the Lanark Landowner’s Association here in Ontario. And they’ve got quite the fight on their hands. I attended a meeting in Marmora Ontario recently, where I listened to landowners in Lanark County relate stories about Government officials trying to force landowners and businesses to shutdown saw mill operations based on flimsy excuses and stupid idiotic reasons without any scientific evidence.

These Lanark County people are like their Scottish namesakes. They’re not going to put up with this crap without a fight. The Constitution of Canada and Charter of Rights may not guarantee the right to own property, but that’s simply a red herring to these folk. They’ve worked their land, made an honest living from it, and be damned any government idiot that’s going to try to shut them down or make their land worthless.

I heard stories of neighbours banding together when Government officials wanted to come onto their land… a few phone calls, and neighbours who held dear their property rights would appear, suddenly showing up, stopping Ministry of Environment officials in their tracks. “Stay Off Our Land” was their battle cry. They joined hands and stared down the Government agents who would try to trespass upon private property.

Take a drive along Hwy 7 through Lanark County, and see the signs. “THIS LAND IS OUR LAND. BACK OFF GOVERNMENT.”

And they mean what they say. These heroes need our support. They are fighting for their way of life. They’re fighting for their children. Their families. Their property rights.

They aren’t wearing kilts and don’t fight wars with swords. But their fight is no less passionate than Braveheart’s fight. Freedom. Right here in Ontario. Canada.

Support them. Their fight is your fight for your rights. Lanark Landowner’s Association. You might not smell the whiskey burning up any Copperhead Road in Lanark, Ontario.. but you’ll smell the desire for freedoom.

2 thoughts on “Lanark – Heroes Fight For Freedom”

  1. Thanks for that link, Ian. I had always seen those signs but could never track down the website. They’re good guys: I just hope they remember that this City slicker is on their side when they finally storm Ottawa;)

  2. Maybe you can join them when they storm Ottawa! Actually, I may be wrong but I think they’ve already participated in some demonstrations in Ottawa as part of some Rural Revolution. But still need to do a lot more work. Part of their efforts are agains the Provincial government with a lot of hardship caused by the Ministry of Natural Resources. I own one of their signs that I purchased from one of the Association reps. I’ll photograph it and post it here.

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