Purolator Is Pathetic

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Purolator is pathetic. Twice now, I’ve had shipments from the United States. I had no idea that the senders would be sending the packages via US Express Post. I provided the senders with my PO Box number.

Instead of sending me a postcard in the mail like UPS will do, Purolator simply returns the package to the sender without making any effort to determine where the package should go. Even though Purolator is owned by Canada Post, and has the contract to deliver Express mail, even express mail originating in the United States, they won’t make any efforts to contact addressees at post boxes in Canada. How’s that for service?

When you call their customer service, all you get are excuses:
“Well, the sender should have known they couldn’t send to a P.O. Box via Express Mail.”
“It’s not our fault. The US Post Office should have known.”
“We can’t do what UPS does. We just don’t send post cards advising of a package requiring more information.”
And on and on it goes….

I will never use Purolator as apparently they don’t really want to try that hard to deliver packages. I wonder if they would try harder if they weren’t owned by Canada Post. They try to tell me the operate independently of Canada Post, yet they have a ‘contract’ with Canada Post to deliver Express Mail.


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