Breaking Jonathan Logan

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Crown Attorneys have a tough job. Often overworked, with little preparation time to prosecute cases. I know because in a past life, I often appeared in court as a Crown Witness. But I also know something else that is troubling to me. Many of them look at their job as a ‘game’. The point is to win. This of course is motivating and can be a good thing. But, the problem is this can also mean that justice is not really what the Crown Attorney desires. It’s about winning. In order to win, you need to strategize, you need to trust the witnesses you’ve got. You need to trust the Police. You need to believe in them.

It also helps if you can wear out your opponent. And this is precisely what appears to be happening with Jonathan Logan. Instead of justice being served, it would seem that Jonathan is being broken by our system. He needs our help.

For those of you not familiar with Jonathan Logan, he’s a man that has been charged by the Ontario Provincial Police with firearm related offences. Three police officers have been charged in relation to the incident, including offences related to pointing firearms at children.

In brief, Jonathan was hunting legally in his township, at the invitation of a farmer on private property. He had all the required documents for his hunting activities and was never charged for this activity. However, when he arrived home, he was met by officers of the O.P.P. in his driveway where they immediately arrested him, and according to Jonathon’s account, strip searched him in full view of passing motorists and pedestrians. The officers also pointed weapons at Jonathon’s children.

Jonathon has a son with a heart problem that requires medication. The medication was inside Jonathon’s house. The OPP officers would not allow Jonathon or his wife to enter their own house to retrieve the medication for their son unless Jonathon agreed to allow the officer’s to search his house.

At this point in time, Jonathon had committed no crime. This is borne out by the fact that no charges have been laid against Jonathon for any activity prior to this point in time.

Jonathan had no choice. In order for his son to receive his medication, he was forced into allowing armed agents into his castle. Once the armed agents got into the house, they searched it.

The armed agents found one .22 calibre rifle which they allege was unsafely stored. This was after Jonathan had been placed in handcuffs, strip searched and had weapons pointed at him, his wife and his children.

Last year, two dates were scheduled for a Judge to hear Charter arguments that the search by the armed agents was illegal. These dates were June 30 and July 7, 2004.

What does the Crown do? Schedules three other cases for the same days, to be heard ahead of Jonathan’s case! This means Jonathan’s lawyers are getting paid for doing nothing, depleting his legal funds. A great way to break the back of someone. This isn’t justice.

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Help Jonathan

After you’ve read the story, consider helping Jonathan.

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