I’m Not Gay

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Carla Rota’s favorite story.

I found it humorous. And yes, I love Freddy Mercury. But not in “that” way.

If it were me, I’d probably have said something like, “Hey Freddie, wanna go stand in a river and wave one of my sticks around?

But then I have some other thoughts, funny to me.

First, watch this.

Oh, damn – a front man for a band.. that is gay.. but the performance is incredible.

Ahh… yeah.. great white north Canadians… bruising hockey in winter, bruising football in summer.. none would ever allow or even remotely have a desire to smack their hands to the beat of.. some gay guy.. doing.. We Will Rock You.. or.. We Are The Champions.

Nah. Canadian ice rinks would never play such songs sung by someone that claimed to be as “gay as a daffodil.”

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