Pop Quiz Number Three

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In 1858, who kidnapped a six year old Jewish boy away from his family and never returned the boy, believing that it was his moral and religious duty to kidnap this boy to bring him up in his religion? This same person referred to Jews as “dogs.” Note: This little boy was NEVER returned to his family even when anger and scorn was heaped upon this person for this act, internationally.

1. An Islamic Imam

2. The Roman Catholic (Christian) Pope.

3. A Scientologist.

Hint: This person was “beatified” in the late 20th century.

Another hint: Although many think of “The Inquisition” as taking place hundreds of years ago, this was an act motivated by an “Inquisitor.”

7 thoughts on “Pop Quiz Number Three”

  1. Well I’m sure he gets to answer for that now.

    Still compared to the secularists last century any religion looks good. Even the muslims can’t touch Pol pot et al.

  2. Well all three questions seem related. I would hecr to say the Islamist and Imam would have had trouble accomplishing these feats in 19th century Europe. If it was a Scientologist it would have had to be in a previous life as Mr Hubbard had not yet been born in 1858.
    It could have been the pope because he did not become infallable until around 1861, 3 years later.

    I would like to make a distinction between the acts of a Catholic pope of years past calling himself a Christian and someone who is a true follower of Jesus today. You will not find Christians doing these things.

    Are we not to be guided by higher principles than the self interest and geeed which seemed to be the motivation of these Catholic leaders?

    After all I do not own enough oil, tar and turpentine to boil even a small student of science and medicine!

  3. Actually Kent, some who claim to be Christians today do some pretty wicked things or at least call for some pretty wicked things.

    I’m sure you are familiar with John Hagee?

    You should check out the video of the Christians who assembled in Washington DC earlier this year, calling for strikes upon Iran – to bring about Armageddon and the second return of Jesus.

    It’s also interesting to me – and something we could debate and discuss (in a friendly spirit of course) whether “Christians” are followers of Jesus’ teachings – Paul’s.

    It’s been my observation that many self-proclaimed “Christians” ought to be more correctly identified as “Paulinians.”

    Up for a friendly discussion on this sometime? 😉

    Now, I would agree with you too – that there are many Christians that would revolt at the thought of some taking power and doing military deeds in the name of their religion.

    But I also think it worthwhile to point out that indeed, there are many who would, in the name of Christianity, and to whom many so called Christians have “followed” in leadership after Christ, that have indeed done some despicable things.

    Not much different than fundamental Islam – or Hinduism – or Sikhism.

    Hey Kent – do you think Jesus would be voting in Ontario’s election if He were here for it?

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