Are We Back Yet?

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Ok, I think we are. Some issues that were brought to my attention in regard to some WordPress behaviour that I really did not like and did not have time to deal with motivated me to go on a bit of a “hiatus.” No – not a hiatus – but removing much of what I have written.

I’ve tried to deal with some of the issues, and still have some things to do but in the meantime – thought I’d try this again.

Life is weird and interesting. People are weird and interesting. Sometimes, I know that too many, I’m even weird .. and.. uninteresting.

I’m not much of a team player under the best of circumstances, but have had some amazing times with something called “‘Team Osprey” if you are interested. Oh, and this too.

This past month has been weird, wild and exciting in many ways. And for the most part, thoroughly enjoyable. I’ve also been battered around a bit with a cold virus that even modern scientific medicine couldn’t help with – who knows if some of the old wive’s tails were more appropriate than what the doc’s of today would say.

I dunno.. I’ve tried it all.. and still found myself bed ridden for must of the past week. Alcohol (specifically Black Bush) sure eased the pain though.

And the odd time of listening to The Who.

There’s this song – that has a whole lot of meaning to me – due to a particular time in my life… when because of a medical condition, I was not allowed to walk, and a bunch of other things. I’m enjoying the song now.

Oh, someone recently asked me if Sunni was a man or a woman. I can say from personal experience that Sunni is indeed a very sexy woman… and someone that I have had the privilege of meeting.. and talking.. and talking.. and talking.. and… it was good. I’m envious of three other gentleman that had her rapt attention though.
I think I need some sleep. Tonight is a “Beaver meeting.”

4 thoughts on “Are We Back Yet?”

  1. I think those things certainly played a major role in your illness—glad to see you’ve apparently recovered completely.

    (Also, thank you for your very kind compliments … but I don’t see how you can be envious of those three gentlemen. After all, none of them got a squeeze from me, and our conversation was so enjoyable that we almost forgot to see them!)

  2. Oh, the perils of “Sunny” and “Sunni” friends. Are you sure the inquisitor was referring to me? Seems more likely, especially given your link to the fishing competition reports, that s/he was asking about your fly-fishing companion.

    I’m glad you’re feeling better, and back to blogging here a little. Hope it continues … oh, and to keep your immune system strong against viral infections, you might consider trying to increase your selenium intake.

  3. LOL… spelling error! Yes, the inquisitor was referring to you 🙂

    I’ve been taking selenium by the way, along with Vitamin E. I would hazard a guess that drinking copious amounts of Black Bush and sleeping only three hours a night for a week, and sitting in row boats in the freezing cold during the day – not even Selenium can help that. 🙂

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