If You’re Going To Argue Shit, Get Your Shit Right

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Marriage, as we know it, is NOT an institution that predates all States. Yup, I know that some WISH this were the case for it would make it a lot “easier” to argue for their own beliefs, but .. it simply ain’t true.

We don’t even know whether or not that the earliest mating rituals and living together were done out of convenience, love, utter animal sex attraction, the desire to continue the species for another generation, or what.

But what we CAN infer from ancient documents is that there were no huge ceremonies, no vows about “to have and to hold, forsaking all others” or any such other mythical fairy tale shit.

It was quite acceptable for a man to have many wives and sexual lovers. This not some “institution” that predates “States.”

It’s freakin’ amazing what some people will imagine and write merely to try to advance their own ideas of what should or should not be.

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