Naw, I Don’t Look Like These Famous People, Do I?

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Via Rants For The Invisible People, I came across this silly face recognition thingie, where you upload a pic of yourself, and it provides you with famous people you look like.

I’m posting the picture of myself that I uploaded. You can judge for yourself how accurate this face recognition thing is. I might try a couple of other pictures later but for now, here are the results:

ian scott

1. Pavel Belyayev (Never heard of him – who the heck is this? And no, I don’t think I look like this at all).

2. Marlon Brando

3. Groucho Marx (now that’s funny!)

4. Venus Williams (even funnier)

5. Mikhael Gorbachev (that’s just sick)

6. Billie Jean King (that’s even more sick)

7. James Cameron (don’t know who this guy is either, but I doubt I look like him at all)

8. Edmund Stoiber (again, never heard of him)

9. Charlton Heston

10. David Beckham

Ok… so I’ll ask the same question that Arwen asks: For those that know me, what do you think?

Update: Ok, I’ve submitted a different picture of me, taken two years ago when I was fly fishing in Puerto Rico, and on a boat that was travelling fast, and into the wind. I think the wind had the effect of giving my face a scrunchy look or something:

ian scott on a boat in puerto rico

The results from this picture are:

1. Rinus Michels

2. Edvard Grieg*

3. Babe Ruth

4. Helmut Schmidt

5. Boris Karloff

6. David Cronenberg

and about 4 others, names I can’t spell.

*This is very interesting to me, regarding Edvard Grieg. Here’s his picture:

edvard grieg

Edvard Grieg was apparently born to one of my ancestor’s brothers. I don’t recall whether it was a great great grandfather, or one further back, who was from Scotland, but his brother moved to Norway where Edvard was born, so the family lore has it. For those not aware of who Edvard Grieg was, he was a well known classical music composer.

Looking at Grieg’s picture above, I can see a resemblance to both my grandfather and great-grandfather when they were older. So I do find it interesting that Grieg was selected as being similar to the picture of myself that I uploaded.

Perhaps I’ll try some other images later.

At least I have hair, hey, Tarantino? I wonder what you’d come up with… :P

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