Cops With Real Guns Are More Dangerous Than Kids With Toy Guns

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Via Lisa at the London Fog, apparently Const. Doug Gutteridge of the London Police Services claims that “Toy guns just have no purpose.”

I beg to differ with you, Officer Gutteridge. I had toy guns when I was a child, and they served a multitude of purposes.

Perhaps having a toy gun was when I learned no gun should be pointed at another individual, toy or not. Unless of course, you meant and needed to use it against another individual.

And of course, our toy guns provided us with hours and hours of entertainment as we played “Cowboys and Indians” as well.

Some of our toy guns could make “caps” go off, and we’d hear a bang when we shot them. It was something we really enjoyed as we whiled away our time on the farm, growing up.

We learned a lot about gun safety as well, from our toy guns. We learned that toy guns were much different than real guns. We would treat our toy guns with the same respect we would treat real guns. Almost like those kids these days that carry around fake babies, as they learn to treat and care for real babies.

I guess fake babies have no purpose either, using your logic. You never know.. one of those kids might end up smacking the fake baby against the glass in a hockey arena when their team is losing.

Just because you don’t see the purpose of fake guns.. well, I don’t see the purpose of egotistical cops carrying guns, myself. The English bobbies haven’t had to do it.. so what’s your problem? Your gun a phallic symbol for you or something?

A real gun is far more dangerous than a toy gun, you know? Did that ever cross your mind? I think it’s time we disarmed you, Constable Doug Gutteridge. You’ve got weapons that the average citizen cannot defend him/herself against. What makes you so special? Ever read Peel’s Principles?

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