Fly Fishing/Fly Tying Gear & Cork Rings For Sale

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very clear cork rings for custom fishing rod grips in hand

I’m at a time of my life when I’m realizing that sitting on some good stuff, but never using it, no matter how attached or the hopes of the past, it could be of more value to someone else. For many years, I built custom fishing rods and only used the very best components that I could find. This included cork rings, in which I would custom make the fishing rod handles – install them on the rod blank and then turn it on a lathe, shaping the handle to the customer’s specifications.

The cork I have is very clear, ie. their are no pits that need any filling after the cork has been shaped. I have about 150 rings of 1/2″ X 1 12″ that are extra clear, and back in the day, I’d sell them for around 5.00 each. I didn’t make much on that price, either.

When I had to sell my house due to a divorce, I did not have the space to continue the custom fishing rod building business, but I held on to some stuff, including this cork, with the idea back then that maybe one day I would, or that one or more of my sons might be interested in learning the craft. But I don’t see either of those things occurring now.

I also have some fly fishing gear that likely will not see the light of day if I hold on to it. As much as I dream about being on a river or stream, and fly fishing again, it’s unlikely to happen to the same degree that I used to enjoy it, or with the same dreams that I used to hold such as taking my son out – he seems to have no interest, sadly.

So with that in mind, I’m offering much of what I have for sale. A lot of it is very “sweet” stuff. I have not made a full catalogue of what I have available but for now:

Cork Rings

As mentioned, I have a number of extra fine quality cork rings along with a good number of fine quality rings. These were purchased in the 1990’s – I have no clue if cork quality has improved since then, but I do know that it was very difficult to get high quality cork back then. But I did not want to build rods that had poor quality cork so I searched all over to find the best that I could.

1 1/2″ X 1/2″ Cork Rings

I have about 150 of these extremely clear rings. They are pictured above. I do not know if they use the same Grading system for cork as we did back in the 1990’s, but back then, these were graded as “FLOR.”

I have seen these for sale in US Dollars – 5.00 per ring – on some websites.

1 1/4″ X 1/2″ Cork Rings

I have about 200 of these cork rings. Not quite as clear as the ones above, but still very good – I believe they were graded as “AAA” back in the 1990’s. While they are pitted a little bit more, there would still be no filling of pits required after shaping into a cork handle.

Asking Price For The Entire Lot: $350.00 (but will consider reasonable offers)

Fenwick Fibreglass Blank

I held on to a fishing rod blank thinking some day, I might build a down-rigger rod with it. This model of blank was widely used to build downrigger rods and was extremely highly thought of for that purpose. It was also used to build salmon float roads and also for other heavy duty fishing purposes.

Back in the day, Fenwick really made the finest glass rods and when they stopped, it was kind of sad. I custom built a lot of rods on Fenwick blanks and I know that today, they are still in use by the clients that I built them for.

This blank, which is the SH-982-F is still in the original packaging.

So, this would be considered rare and would make a great rod for some fishing situations. Obviously, being fibreglass, it is heavier than modern graphite blanks, but there are some situations where this would still be the preferred material of choice.

Asking Price: Make an offer. I’ve seen it once in awhile, listed over the years for around $125.00US – but it is rare that I’ve seen one for sale.

Fly Rods

I have some really sweet fly rods available. In some ways, I’m really hesitant to part with them. Some of them hold dear memories along with some hopes involving my sons that have never come to pass. My youngest son used to love to come fly fishing with me when he was a little boy, but sadly, there were some years when I was unable to continue that with him due to some circumstances, and now he’s been lead down life into other interests which don’t involve much outdoor activity. Anyways… what I have available:

Admira 10′ #4 wt

This rod has actually never been used. It’s a rod that those who do the Czech nymphing style of fly fishing really prefer. I purchased it back when I was competing in the Canadian Fly Fishing Championships and our team had the idea we’d learn more about this style of fishing for an upcoming competition. I ended up not competing and haven’t since. The rod is made in Italy.

It lists for about 350.00 Euros which is just over $500.00 CAD.

Asking Price: Make a reasonable offer.

R.B. Meiser S2H106 System 2 Switch Rod

For anyone into spey or double-handed casting, this rod should need no introduction. You absolutely cannot get better than a Meiser rod. It listed for around $600.00US.

Line Rating: 150-350 grains

Asking Price: Again, make a reasonable offer.

Greys Greyflex M2 10’6″ #7/8

I purchased this rod in Belfast for around 189 Pounds Sterling (about $400.00 Canadian). It’s a nice rod for “Loch fly fishing” and if you pick this up, you’ll enjoy fishing with this rod. I’ve hardly ever used it because I purchased it for a competition, but ended up using the Meiser rod more frequently.

Asking Price:
Make a reasonable offer.

Bloke XL50 9′ 7 wt.

Made in Scotland, Bloke rods are of extremely high quality and used by some top competitors in fly fishing. This is a fast action rod and listed price is about 300 Pounds Sterling, or $530.00 CAD.

Asking Price: Make a reasonable offer

Other Fly Rods

I have some other brand new fly rods as well – I have forgotten the details of with regard to the material, but they were made for us when Ian Duffield and I were looking into a new business, and these were priced around 200.00 CAD each. If interested, we can discuss.

Fly Fishing Gear

I have not catalogued everything, but I have reels, lines, and other gear available. Will list as I go through what I have.

Fly Tying Materials

I have a quite a bit of materials including feathers, furs, hooks, and general stuff. Would prefer to sell as one lot.

I would prefer if someone wants any of this, that we make arrangements to meet in person. I’m in Orangeville, but could travel a short distance if it’s worthwhile. I’m hesitant to ship this stuff.

The decision to sell this equipment has not been an easy one to make. Part of me does not want to – but sometimes, life is what it is.

Update – May 5th, 2019 The cork and the Fenwick blank have been sold.

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  1. Seems like every time I come back to your website you have a new interesting thing for me to read. How do you stay so motivated? Do you research all of these posts before posting?

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