Governed By Whom??

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So, Canadians are proud of their democracy. A democracy, where we apparently elect people to govern. Those we elect claim they listen to Canadians. They enact laws. They also have the power to change laws.

50,000 (yes, that’s fifty thousand) people protested in the streets of Quebec City. Today in Ottawa, even though the weather didn’t co-operate, people in the thousands still turned out, got soaked, and protested on Parliament Hill, demanding liberty.

And what’s the glib response we get?

“Heritage Minister Liza Frulla, who is responsible for the CRTC, said today that she can’t get involved in the decision to close the radio station.

“This agency is an independent agency,” she said. “If I get involved in this agency, I have to resign.””

That’s in today’s Toronto Star.

About 40 people complained about the radio station. Yet tens of thousands support it.

Yup, that’s Canadian democracy at work. Create little agencies that have more power than the people who get elected to govern. Little agencies that have more power than the people. Little agencies that can shut down a business out of spite or just because they don’t like you. And our elected ministers, responsible for this particular agency, can’t do anything about it. Lovely, isn’t it?

Oh Canada, who’s standing on guard for thee?

UpdateJay Jardine’s stomach is roiling after listening to some Ottawa area radio host talk about supporting the CRTC. I guess Rob Snow doesn’t believe in free speech. Oh, I’m sure he’ll say he does support it, with conditions or something like that.. but folks, conditional free speech ain’t free speech.

Also via Jay, check out the pictures on Autonomous Source of today’s demonstration on the hill.

Update II – You really ought to go read Trudeaupia’s report of the today’s protest. He was there. I’m glad he was. I’m glad Trudeaupia blogs. Someone ought to hire this guy to write professionally. He’s a whole lot better than most, that’s for sure.

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