God Keep Our Land Glorious And Free!

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Ok folks. Whether you believe in God or not, it’s time to say a prayer. A little small prayer. But an urgent prayer. It comes straight from Canada’s National anthem: “God Keep Our Land Glorious And Free.”

I’ll tell you what… the beurocrats and politicians in this country sure don’t want to keep it glorious and free. I’m beginning to seriously believe that the only thing that CAN get Canada back on a road to glory and freedom is an Act of God. Canadians themselves are sure awfully complacent about their freedom for the most part.

In a long list of restrictions and decisions about freedom of speech in this country, now we’ve got one more thing.

Personally, I don’t agree with churches or any charities for that matter, having “Charitable Status.” If our governments didn’t waste our money and tax us to kingdom come, we’d be able to give more to charities of our choice, and we wouldn’t care about tax breaks and deductions for doing so.

But regardless of my opinion on this, something very disturbing is going on at Revenue Canada with regard to Churches. Basically, they are being threatened. “Keep your mouths shut, or else.”

“The legal counsel for both the Catholic Church in Canada and the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada were asked to be present at a meeting with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) in early March. Janet Buckingham, Legal Counsel for the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada (EFC), and Jennifer Leddy, Legal Counsel for the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops were warned by revenue officials that should their church’s become involved in “partisan” political activity during the then-upcoming 2004 federal election they would risk losing their tax-exempt status.”

Read more here at LifeSite.com. Then go hurl. Then say your prayers tonight.

I just don’t get it. Where’s the outrage? Don’t you care about this Canada your kids are growing up in? Don’t you care? Where’s the bloody outrage against shutting up people with threats by your Government?

Is this your idea of glorious and free nation? Oh, it’s ok, cuz it’s Christians that are being shut up? Yeah well.. maybe next year, it will be your little group that’s the flavour of the month. Is that what you’re waiting for?

2 thoughts on “God Keep Our Land Glorious And Free!”

  1. A quick look at the archived election-time press releases shows at least half a dozen charitable organizations issued press releases supporting or commending Paul Martin. I wonder if they were threatened by the CRA. Well, no, I don’t really have to wonder. I know the CRA is a full time thug for the ruling party. Glorious and free? In your dreams.

  2. Your god can keep whatever land he wants. But it’s worthwhile noting that the anthem did not officially include the “god” reference until 1980. In 1968 the change was recommended but the owner of the copyright refused to give it up because he disagreed with the addition of the religious reference. (In my first years at school — at a religious school no less — we never sang “god keep our land”.) The copyright on the original Weir lyrics expired in 1976.

    Good thing we got it in there, though. We were just a pack of raving, anarchic heathens before 1980. Things have gotten much better around here since then, eh?

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