Dan Rather Is Hilarious

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If you haven’t seen the show (and I haven’t, as I seldom watch TV), you can take a look at the latest desparate attempt by Dan Rather to try to regain some credibility with regard to his forged documents, here.

On tongights show, he apparently interviews Killian’s secretary (who addmittedly is not a Bush Supporter), Marian Carr Knox, and tries to get away with his hoax as Knox, now 86 years old, states that the “the information in those is correct.”

Yeah, that’s all fine and dandy. Anyone can say anything they want. But what Rather is trying to do, would never ever be accepted in any kind of court room as “evidence” of anything. Produce documents that you claim are real, then once evidence comes forth to show how fake those documents are, find someone, anyone, to say “well, the story behind your faked documents is true” and all the while, never admitting to the fact the documents were forged in the first place.

Look, Dan can have whatever story he wants, or try to report on anything he wants. I don’t have a problem with that. And MAYBE it is true, 30 odd years ago, Bush didn’t follow all the rules. Personally, I could care less. 30 years ago, I didn’t follow all the rules either. Today, I am much different than I was, 30 years ago.

And I still don’t follow all the rules. But now, I follow or don’t follow different rules than what I would have or would not have, 30 years ago.

But that’s not the point. Dan Rather has produced documents he claimed were real. They were obvious forgeries. His original case was nothing to do with what some secretary said. His case was first based on so-called documents, that were in fact, fakes. Outright fakes.

And it’s obvious Dan Rather now accepts this fact, that those documents he displayed as being authentic, were fakes. There is not a shred of evidence to suggest any such document ever existed.

And that has been the entire issue with the Rathergate documents. The question of their authenticity. But instead of admitting that he knows they are fakes, he goes and finds an 86 year old woman, who will say that the information behind the documents is true.

Why didn’t Dan Rather have this old woman on his show in the first place, instead of the documents?

Sorry Dan, but your attempt at trying to grasp at straws for your own sake simply destroys your credibility even more. You probably don’t even realize how pathetic it is. In a hundred years from now, the history books are not going to treat you kindly. Your grandchildren and great grandchildren are going to suffer the consequences of realizing that the world did not find you to be a straight up kind of guy. In fact, you’re a fraud, and you’re a fraud of your own free will and choice.

Dan Rather has no clue about evidence or preponderance of evidence. Instead, he’s just a marketing guy for the DNC. He has no real interest in truth. Most marketing guys don’t. But the problem is, most marketing guys never make claims about truth. Rather has, though.

You’re great grandchildren are going to be very very embarrassed, Dan. Do you ever give a thought to them?

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  1. I don’t disagree with you often, but the reality is that in 100 years, Dan Rather will not be much of a historical figure. Those who saw him will be long dead. He will come up in research only.

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