Romancing The Mounted Riders

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It’s time for Canadians to get real. Romance and all that stuff is really nice. I myself love romance, believe me. And in my past, I shared in the collective Romance of Canadians with all things Candian. Including the romance of the Mounties, their history, their uniforms, their nice little horsey demonstrations, and television programs like CBC’s old show that starred Bruno Gerussi or however his name was spelled.

The fact of the matter is, the RCMP is serious business. They DO have files on Canadians and Canadian residents. Anyone remember the 1970’s big kerfuffle about what the RCMP files held about Canadian citizens? I do.

And seeing as my “auld man” is now dead, I’ll tell you what he told me. First some back ground on my “auld man.” My dad was one of those “true loyalists” and monarchists. He was an Orangeman, through and through. Born in Northern Ireland, came to Canada after making sure his family could get here first, he was a tough yet awesome dad. He had principles. He taught me to think. He’d probably roll over in his grave if he knew all the stuff I thought about, on the other hand, half of his rolling would be in celebration of thinking, while the other half of his rolling would be in disgust at what I think about. If you’re interested, you can read a “memorium” I wrote to my dad, two weeks after he passed away, here.

What’s this got to do with the RCMP? I’m getting to that.

I can’t remember the exact year.. probably around 1973 or 1974.. my dad was “seconded” from his job to work with the RCMP to set up the security for the museums in Ottawa, and as such, worked closely with the RCMP in doing so. He lived in Ottawa for six months at the time. It was because of his living arrangements then, that I got to know the woman that would eventually become my wife, and now, ex-wife. But that’s another interesting story for anoother day.

At the time of his secondment, there was a lot of controversy going on in Candada about RCMP files on citizens and residents.

My father, being the curious sort that he was, told me once he asked the RCMP dude that he was working with, directly about this controversy, and if files were in fact being kept.

My father told me that the response he received was fascinating. At the time, there were plans for members of the Royal Family to visit the museums in Ottawa, just after the time my old man was there, working with the RCMP on creating security policy.

The response he got was something like this, “Well, Jack, let’s put it this way. If it were the Pope coming to visit the museums, you wouldn’t be here. But seeing as it’s Prince , we have no issues at all with you being on the team to develop security policy”

It wasn’t said precisely, but it as far as my father was concerned, this response was enough to lead him to believe that the RCMP had very deep intelligence going on, with regard to Canadian citizens and residents. This was not a denial of the RCMP keeping records on Canadians. In fact, my father understood this to mean there was enough intelligence going on to know that he was a staunch Loyalist Monarchist.. something he had never published… but in official circles, was well known and acceptable enough for him to be assisting with museum security policy, just before some Royal family member was to visit. In other words, “yeah, Jack, we have files.”

Fast forward to 2004. Adscam, and all the rest. Yeah, it’s the summer time, and believe it or not, AdScam stuff is still going on. It seems that the RCMP opened up a secret bank account. And deposited almost 3/4 of a million dollars in this secret account. Tax payers dollars.

And not only that, they broke the law.

And during the Ad Scam inquiries, the RCMP commissioner attempted to downplay this breaking of the law.

Now.. to bring this all together. Imagine you kept files on people. Illegal files. And now imagine you had some secret bank account, that tax payers were never made aware of. And you deposited nearly a quarter million dollars into this account. Now imagine that it was discovered that you also broke Federal Law about your record keeping of this account. You think you would get such an easy time as RCMP Commissioner Zaccardelli has got? Huh? You think?

So Zaccardelli admits his agency broke federal banking laws. Has he been charged like any other head of a corporation would have been charged? Tell me.. what would you do with nearly 3/4 million dollars in a rogue bank account? Hmmm?

And don’t you just have so much confidence that it is Zaccardelli’s agency that is probing illegal wrong doing with Ad Scam stuff?

Yeah.. let’s keep romancing those RCMP dudes. They put on an awesome horsey show every so often.. Go to Niagara Falls, and buy yourself some post cards of an RCMP guy riding a horse. So romantic, that picture huh?

But the head of that romantic horse rider stole nearly a quarter million dollars from tax payers, and broke laws about the account administration.

This is the same dork that might be asking or keeping files on you.

Still feel romantic about the Royal Canadian Mounties, the “off spring” of the North West Mounted Police? That great Canadian symbol of law and order?

Read this article and tell me how romantic you feel now.

And tell me how confident you are in the Mountie investigation into AdScam… oh yeah.. those socialists are right. We can depend on Government to protect all our interests, right?


The Linda McQuaigs of this world are all in a rage about Conrad Black finding ways to reduce his tax payables. Funny, they McQuaigs aren’t in a rage about wasted money, hidden money, or government appointed organizations that have done illegal things, investing other government appointed organizations that have possibly done illegal things.

Weird huh? Keep on buying those mounted police post cards! It’s so Canadian, you know, eh?

2 thoughts on “Romancing The Mounted Riders”

  1. Yet another isolated incident by the police. The RCMP are the scariest organization in Canada. Slush funds are one thing, but the forgotten story of APEC – the RCMP pre-emptively arrested individuals who had committed no crimes while taking political direction from the PMO – still stands out the most. We are supposed to trust these guys with a DNA bank?

  2. Good article and a wise warning. The file keeping has, of course, been split with the folks at CSIS keeping track of your Orangemen, Al Qaeda and Rotarians. Or at least that is the official story and they are sticking with it. Politically, however, the Horsemen are untouchable. Can you imagine Harper calling for a full investigation of what files are kept by whom. Even more worrying are the uses of government databases to “fill in the picture”.Officially this is not supposed to happen. But there is no particular reason to trust that your tax files, medical files and anything else in a government computer data base will not be merged. And, hey, if the government signs up or gets an intelligence Court order, your airmile shopping records, Visa and pizza orders can be nailed to that file. Another order, easy to get, and your ISP has to turn over your surfing records. All of which would be great if they could actually catch terrorists. Which seems just a bit beyond them…

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