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I’m joining the Trudeaupia campaign against crunches. Jay Currie is a kindred spirit who has found himself in a crunch. Rather than stick out his hand and dip into tax money, he’s done the libertarian thing.. made us aware of his issues, and asked for help. No one, unlike Goverment programs, are forced to help. Instead, you can value Jay’s contributions to the blogosphere all on your own. If you have little value in what Jay offers, then don’t feel obliged. On the other hand, if you can help him out, please considering doing so.

I remember about 8 years ago, when I was in a major crunch. If it weren’t for my friends, I might not be here today. It was certainly not because the Government helped me. It was friends. As the result of a marriage breakdown, and $30,000.00 in debt, with hefty child support payments, there was no light at the end of the tunnel. Except for some friends. And believe it or not, an ex-wife who probably could have got more if she pushed it, but didn’t.

So, I’ve been there. 8 years later, I ain’t rich by any means. Still saving for that downpayment on a house. But at least I can save. Which I couldn’t do 8 years ago.

Jay Currie isn’t demanding that you be responsible for his choices in life. But he is a damned good writer, and has a lot of good stuff to say about Canada and Canadian politics. He’s reached a crunch point though, and needs some friends to come through. Not the Government. And I figure that he’ll come through regardless of the Government, cuz I’m counting on good libertarian folk to prove that we help out our own, and that we can all succeed in spite of the Government.

Help him out. Tell the Government to go to hell.

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  1. Thanks, Sean. Unfortunately, for some strange reason, resolving is rather odd for me. Somedays, I have no problem reaching your site, but then for days and days, I can’t load it. I’ve tried some traceroutes and other tools to figure out the problem.. but it seems that quite often, your DNS servers are unavailable. Not sure what that’s all about.

  2. I don’t know anyone who hasn’t hit a financial crunch at least once in their lives. Certainly I have.

    And I have a similar problem accessing PolSpy’s site.

  3. Well, as of this afternoon, I’m able to connect to your site. Hopefully your provider has corrected whatever problem it was! Nice redesign too 🙂

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