Nazi Socialist Medicare

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Nazis were socialists. Nazi Germany ran a most efficient national health care system. And news from the U.K. in 2004 seems to suggest the U.K. have their own Nazi ideas about health care.

When you give the State total control of your health care, this is bound to happen. Doctors and judges will make decisions about the lives of your loved ones. To let them die or not.

Read this and weep for your wonderful nationalist medicare system.

Then weep for the parents. I guess humans are like horses. Some person who does not love the horse gets to decide whether the horse gets “put out of its misery.”

According to the article,

“Another expert, Dr C, claimed Charlotte blindness and deafness “substantially precludes physical or emotional response to others”.”

Oh yeah? Ever here of Helen Keller?

And this is apparently the freedom that millions lost their lives fighting for, against Nazis.

Some freedom that is. Toss away the life that ain’t worth anything to the State. Or too expensive for the State. To heck with love and parents and stuff.

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