The Babblings Of Warren Kinsela

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Now I’m curious. What in the world would start Warren Kinsella’s legal team off threatening folks with “defamation” law suit notices? He does babble an awful lot, don’t you think? Apparently both Shamrocks and Damian from Babbling Brooks have been “bullied” as one of them said, by the great Warren.

Personally, I think Kinsella has a blog filled with silly stuff. I rarely visit him unless some other blogger points out something that they find illogical there on his site. Personally, I think Kinsella’s writings are quite silly. And he probably thinks mine are too.

But I’m wondering what it might take to get a letter or email from his lawyers. Would calling him a dork do it? Not that I’ve called him a dork, mind you.. I’m just musing and wondering, and regretting the fact I didn’t notice the original posts that have now been removed.

Defamation of character is an interesting accusation. If I publish my opinion of Kinsella, or an opinion on what he has to say in a particular article, could that be defamatory to him?

I’d kind of like to get such a letter too! Just to see what it has to say! So Damian.. or Patrick.. tell me what you wrote.. that provoked the anger of the great Kinsella!

I wonder why Kinsella won’t fly a red ensign on his site. Or a Back Off Government banner for that matter. Hey Warren.. how come? You think Government A) should not back off it’s citizens or residents, B) The status quo is just fine thank you very much, or C), Government should do more to interfere with citizens and residents, and “you ain’t seen nothing yet”, or D) Some other option?

Look forward to your response!! If you choose D), please explain in more detail. Logically, reasonably, and coherently. I’ll have a professor mark you essay.

Hmmm… more musing…. I wonder if Kinsella just doesn’t like to have attention brought to him? Or he doesn’t like insults? Or.. what?? I wonder what I would write about King Kinsella that would provoke him to give me some attention.

But I’m just a country bumpkin sort of guy. I’m not one of those big city folk.. so perhaps King Kinsella won’t have anything to do with me.. but gosh, as the frost gets on the pumpkin, we do need some excitement around here! Lawyer letters are just the thing to do it as well. Legal letters warm up the snow, and make us all the more willing to shovel the white stuff in case important legal people want to visit us.

And the coffee is always on! So come on in, Warren, and tell me what got yer knickers all in a knot! I’m guessing it’s ok to say that I think what you write, generally speaking, is idiotic, but it’s not ok for me to come right out and say YOU are an idiot? I’m just looking for guidelines here.. help me out.

See, this is sort of like a private journal here, Warren. Where I record lots of thoughts. I just make my thoughts available to others. And sometimes, when I’ve read your posts, I’ve secretly wondered, in a humorous sort of way of course, to myself, that makes me chuckle, “Were both your parents retarded, or just one of them…” but of course, that’s a private little thought, and of course, I DON’T REALLY think either of your parents were retarded.. it’s just one of those fun little insults that sometimes we laugh at. Insults CAN be funny at times. You should see my really really private journal sometime! You just wouldn’t believe what was there.. But it’s encrypted with triple DES.. I don’t know, but I could do a search for you.. and see what I’ve called you there, if you’d like.

But actually, I doubt I’ve even referenced you in my private journal. Likely not. For to me, you’re not really all that important. But I’m just having some fun right now 🙂

Do I get a special email now?

UPDATE – October 16th, 2004

I have received an email from Warren Kinsella that has a much more conciliatory tone, and for which I appreciate.

He has asked me to post a note to the effect that I did not mean to imply, or insinuate, that our father and mother were “retards,” and in with that, any legal action will be abandoned, sine die. These are terms I can certainly accept, and will gladly carry through with.

So, here is my response: I never ever meant to imply or insinuate that Warren Kinsella’s parents were retards.

I had thought that was obvious in the original post in its full context, but apparently it was not.

Now, as far as I am concerned, this whole kerfuffle is over with, for which I am quite pleased.

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