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Everyone that knows me most likely knows that I prefer Linux over MS Windows. I use OpenSuse for my desktop (need to upgrade that, presently on 11.2), but every so often, I have to use Windows due to some software that I want to use that is not available for Linux.

The other weird thing is that I have a Tektronix Phaser 560 printer – and it’s connected to my laptop with a USB to Parallel cable converter – works great under Linux but Windows 7 will not recognize it at all even though the driver is installed. Windows simply won’t deal with the cable converter. Any documents I create in Windows that I want to print, I need to save them to a USB stick, go back to OpenSuse and print from there. It’s a bit of a pain. I have tried running two operating systems at the same time using VMware, but it’s just too slow on my Dell Studio.

Recently, I’ve had to do a lot of work in MS Windows, and I’m using the default Windows Live Mail package. It’s weird. I have had a few people ask me, “Did you receive my email?” when I haven’t. I have both Kmail (that I use when running Linux) and Windows Live mail to leave messages on the server for 7 days so I have access to my email when running either operating system.

Live Mail for some reason, does not seem to download all new messages. When I go back into Kmail, download email, I find the email that I apparently missed when using Windows Live mail. I don’t understand it, don’t have time to troubleshoot it, don’t want to troubleshoot it, and don’t really care to have a clue about it.

Maybe if I can get my OpenSuse upgraded to a version that will run Adobe Air properly, I won’t have to use Windows at all. There is however, some nervousness about upgrading as the accounting software I use, Quasar, needs to be available and not broken when I upgrade.

Some days, I would prefer to walk away from my computer and just go live in a cave. A cave with running water though, and a shower and bath tub.

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