Victim Of Political Circumstances

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“She is an unfortunate, albeit unintentional, victim of political circumstances,” Keyes wrote. “She relies on charity. She deserves to live the rest of her days in comfort.”

~ The Toronto Star

But that’s what Statism does best. Create unfortunate and unintentional victims.

Look, I’m not going to support Fidel Castro. But I sure as hell don’t understand what gives some government the “right” to seize private property just because you lived during a revolution, and chose to stay in your home.

Indeed, it has nothing to do with “rights,” but has everything to do with “power.”

The United States of America, like all other statist places, do NOT have your freedom in mind at all, as an individual. George Bush is a lying son of a bitch when he implements policies, goes to war, and creates “security” when he says it is for the sake of “freedom.”

As were all previous Presidents. As are all present governments. Liars. Everything they do is about power. Not about your inherent rights.

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