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Commenter Elaine at The London Fog writes,

“So if Windsor is now Lebanon, and under the control of the Hezzassholes, where does that leave the rest of us?

Anyone want to start a betting pool on how long it will take for Windsor to start aiming rockets at London.”

I’ll take Elaine up on that bet. A thousand to one odds against that in her and my lifetime, the City of Windsor, being controlled by Hezbollah will aim rockets at the city of London, Ontario.

If she is agreeable, I’ll put some money into a long term bond to be paid out to her if the City of Windsor aims rockets at London.

What silly rhetoric and what a fearful mind some must have. A couple of years ago or so Elaine was worrying about being forced to wear a Burkha. Now that fear has got to the point where she suggests the City of Windsor will be aiming rockets at London.

Is there any point in trying to engage in a rational discussion with someone where such insane fears are present?

Of course, Statists and their thirst for power feed of these sorts of silly, insane fears in their continued attempts to hold power and “protect” you.

Elaine, I’d give odds that it is more likely that you will someday face the State and it’s appointed justices for something you’ve written in the next ten years than you’d ever be forced to wear a Burkha in your lifetime. Ah, right.. it’s our Canadian Soldiers in Afghanistan that are protecting you from ever being forced to wear a Burkha. Of course.

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