Three Wives? – Alexander Greig

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This becomes even more fascinating to me.

Alexander Greig, who I’ve posted about here – and – here – appears to have had three wives all told. I’ve just done a second reading of his “Last Will And Testament,” from which I quote:

“…divide and apportion the same into seven equal parts or shares and to dispose of them as follows (illegible): To pay one share to the children of Catherine Nicoll or Grig (sic) relict of the said Alexander Alexander Grig…”

Then, he goes on to list the children apparently of his first wife individually, each to get one share, and also Jane, wife of John Scott – Jane being the daughter of his second wife, Ann Scott.

Another point – this Last Will and Testament notes that there could be two spellings of the surname: Greig and Grig.

So, the following appears to be true:

Wife #1: Ann McLaren, probably died about 1846, just after one of the daughters was born.

Wife #2: Ann Scott, mother of Jane, date of death unknown.
Wife #3: Catherine Nicoll, details including any children unknown but it appears there were from the will.

This guy didn’t know when to stop, did he?

Mind you – my great-grandfather, John Scott remarried after his first wife passed away – he actually married his first wife’s sister! There were no children by the second wife.
And my grandfather, Hugh Scott remarried about 1967, a year after his first wife passed away. My grandfather would have been about 68 years old at the time of his second marriage. No further children though.

More research to do on Catherine Nicoll and children – but will have to wait. The “wee man” and I are going for a hike through the Cliffs Of Mono.

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  1. tracey (leggatt) gallant

    Do I have some news fer you lad…In the blessed year my dear 1777 john leggatt’s born in banffshire, scotland….dies in Chatham New Brunswick 1865//// he has two sons…one’s James born 1807 so…in 1812 James is a 5 yr old lad immigrating to Miramichi with his Dad John (Mom and other Brother a ? ) In 1851 James is 47 MARRIED TO ALEXANDER’s DAUGHTER CATHERINE GREIG
    James and Catherine had 6 Children….they are Twins born 1828 – Isabella and Mary went to school in Loggieville, New Brunswick Mary married William Russell in 1854…Child #3 Alexander born 1831 (he married in Oct 1862 Died @69 wife Catherine Godfrey Children 1.George 1872 Dead 1918 2.James born1880 dead @5 days old 3.Maud 1876 dead 1886… Child#4 Justina born 1842 (married James MacDonald Dec12 1861 he’s from Black Brook…quite the spot i hear eh…) Child#5 George born 1843 Child#6 John Leggatt born 1847 (Married Eliza Jackson Children Jessie May born1882 dead 1892 John was a Carpenter moved to Boston and back to Miramichi twice I’m Researching my Dad’s Family From Scotland …we are decendants of James Leggatt who married yer great great grandpa I Reckon…and they appeared to love makin babies….eh…My Dad created 8 …what a Lad eh…his name is Edward Enoch Henessey Leggatt from Chatham NB on the Miramichi…yer Silliness i reckon comes riight from Catherine because our family’s so gawd foresaken either silly er serious it could drive one mental in the head if you contemplated the silliness n seriousness of the clan o that there Scottish Ham I must be beat like a snot rag…I’m going to sleep…do you think that Alex was quite the womanizer er what…must have had an excitin time “on the river”….the Miramichi and it’s Shiver….oh shut the rant already see sunshine on Saturday Morn…
    Sincerely Silly
    Brat #3 of Brud n Rose
    Tracey Gallant

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